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Captain Mesabi and a shipwright stood in front of the meager headquarters for Mesabi's new trade corporation. A seagull landed on a chest and began crying.

"It appears everything is in order. Do you have the payment?" The shipwright said.

32454006653_4f475859f1_z.jpgBad Blood by North White, on Flickr

"Of course. I understand the ship will be here shortly." Captain Mesabi said. He handed the Shipwright a couple of Dubloons.

"Yes, of course. I'm a bit perplexed by your choice of a name. Can you explain it to me?" The Shipwright asked

"Bad Blood is the kind of name that lets the enemy know that you're already ready for a fight." Captain Mesabi replied. "I know the new world is mostly full of pirates, but I'd love to get in a scuffle with an Oleon vessel."

"I don't think the enemy knows the name of the ship when they attack."

"Huh," said Captain Mesabi

33227254616_f4b8af5d04_z.jpgBad Blood by North White, on Flickr

In the Distance, a ship was being rowed into port. It's hull was a bright crimson

32454008863_dc0841e875_z.jpgBad Blood by North White, on Flickr

The ship was rowed into the dock. Captain Mesabi beamed in happiness.

32885783320_a166a0afaa_z.jpgBad Blood by North White, on Flickr

The crew got off, and began loading cargo onto the ship

33268521935_95937b7f0b_z.jpgBad Blood by North White, on Flickr

"Smooth sailing Captain!" The shipwright yelled. The Voyage was beginning

32425560974_f21052eaf0_z.jpgBad Blood by North White, on Flickr

Thanks for reading. C&C appreciated I will be registering this vessel as a Class 2 WR, it has 4 guns and five crew, If anyone has a better idea let me know. I also would like some advice for a good trade route. Or if I should join a convoy.


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I like that you have included your office in the storyline for the ship introduction. On the ship, I really like those small cannons and your assorted crew. I would have liked to see the oars displayed, since they were mentioned, but that doesn't make or break the build. 
In regard to trade route, I definitely recommend joining a convoy. Pirates and sea rats are plentiful in the waters and a good escort is neccessary to a good trade run. Corrington has several convoys and I have asked that you get added to the private chat in regard to that. (Sorry I don't have the authority to add someone.) I hope you have smooth sailing!

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I have sent the bad blood on a trade run through the 2 ports in sector 8. Wish me luck!

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Nice first ship, Mesabi - good to see you brave the waves of the brick seas. I think you've got the general shape right, and your cannons are looking nice. The hull is a little blocky, but I like how you went for a brick built hull for your first ship. You may of course be limited by your choice of bricks, but for your next ship, I would suggest going for a smoother look. You can find plenty of inspiration in these forums, for instance in this index: Ships of BoBS. There you should be able to find plenty of different techniques, even if the index haven't been updated recently, due to the many ships of BOBS! :pir_tong2: You can also look into this thread for tips and tricks, or for feedback on a WIP: Shipwrights Guild Hall:pir-blush:

14 hours ago, Mesabi said:

Wish me luck!

Good luck! :pir-grin: For the next MRCA, don't go around telling everyone about your route - we have many notorious pirates amongst us! :pir-grin: (Also, Corrington has convoys you can join)

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