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Review: 41595 Belle

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BrickHeadz is an exciting new Lego theme that depicts our favorite characters from movies, TV shows, games, and comics into fun and stylized collectible forms.  Each set contains a brick built figure with a build-able base, that includes a printed tile piece denoting the figure's wave number. Wave one consists of twelve unique and colorful characters based on The Lego Batman Movie, the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Disney's Beauty and the Beast and Pirates of the Caribbean. BrickHeadz is an exclusive theme from Lego, which means that you can only find the BrickHeadz sets at Lego brand retail stores and online from Lego Shop.

Before I begin this review, I would like to give my sincerest thanks to The LEGO Group (TLG) who have provided this set, and other wave one BrickHeadz sets, to Eurobricks making this review possible. The opinions expressed in this review are my own. 



Little known fact about myself, I absolutely love Disney Princess movies (on the condition they're European/Medieval in style and there's a castle involved somewhere) so I was very excited when rumors started to spread late last year that Beauty and the Beast would make the leap from screen to BrickHeadz. This is not too surprising really, considering a live action rendition will be released to US theaters later this month featuring Emma Watson as Belle and Matthew Crawley as the Beast--still the extra hype generated around this live-action remake and the 1991 original have actually helped hype up the excitement around these two figures themselves. I'll cut to the point, 41595 Belle is a very good set. She's arguably one of the best BrickHeadz (as is 41596 Beast) not only due to her parts, techniques and overall appearance, but because without a doubt whenever you look at her or even start putting two pieces together, that 90's nostalgia will seep in and you'll start humming a certain song about tales old as time...

Set Stats

Name: 41595 Belle 
Theme:  Licensed / BrickHeadz
Year: 2017
Pieces: 139
Minifigs: N/A
Price: USD $9.99, CA $12.99, DE 9.99€, UK £9.99
Resources: Brickset, BricklinkLego Shop



The BrickHeadz sets all come in the same sized box (3.6 x 4.8 x 3.1), and 41595 Belle is no exception. Unlike the box style used for the Lego Batman Movie BrickHeadz, such as that on 41585 Batman, the color scheme used by Belle is far more pleasing. The bright pink backdrop laced with embroidery really helps the mostly yellow figure pop. As with all BrickHeadz boxes, the front and right hand side feature the BrickHeadz logo as well as an image of the figure itself plus an image of the figure's inspiration. Here a familiar image of Disney's 1991 Belle will immediately set standard that this is set is based on the animated film rather than the upcoming live action version (although, I don't think basing Belle on the Emma Watson version would have affected her overall look here much).     

32433947923_a1d455b59b_z.jpg          32433950133_2d3c02326a_z.jpg

Of note on the box, and it's pleasantness--gone is the black wall of ugly be replaced with a white wall of ugly text. It's not as much of an eyesore this time, but I do wish Lego would have found a better place to put all of those warnings. Is the no zero to three-year-olds symobl not enough? The back of the 41595 Belle box features images of 41896 Beast, as well as the two upcoming Pirates of the Caribbean BrickHeadz sets: 41593 Captain Jack Sparrow and 41594 Captain Armando Salazar--an interesting note as the sub-themes are combined essentially as neither of the two properties have been given four figures in this first wave, unlike The Lego Batman Movie and the Marvel Cinematic Universe. As with all BrickHeadz boxes, this one is opened by a thumb tab rather than tape. 


Inside the box contains one instruction manual, two bags of pieces--one big and one small--and unusually a 6x8 loose plate for Belle's base. Unlike every other figure BrickHeadz wave one, Belle has an abnormally large base plate to accommodate her large dress design. 

Interesting Parts 

41595 Belle features a number of pieces in rare colors as well as a number of exclusive printed pieces. Belle uses four identical 2x4 printed slopes to make up the bottom half of her dress, as well as a printed 1x4 brick to make up her torso. Both of these, as well as 1x2 slopes and 1x1 plates are molded in Bright Light Yellow--a particularly beautiful if rare color. Personally I can already see Belle's dress slopes being utilized in some rather nice custom buildings and interiors, being used as crown molding. 


Belle also comes with all the standard BrickHeadz trappings, such as fourteen (1x2x1 2/3) modified bricks with side studs, and BrickHeadz eye tiles. Additionally, Belle comes with a three length bar in Bright Green which is used in conjunction with a flower stud to make an accessory rose. Interestingly enough, the set comes with extras of both pieces so you can give a rose to 41596 Beast too. 


41595 Belle is unique among the wave one BrickHeadz as she utilizes an abnormal leg build to construct her large dress--which incidentally also facilitates the need for a larger base than normal. Utilizing the four printed 2x4 slope pieces, the dress is both appropriately detailed, curvy, and yet still blocky enough to fit in with the BrickHeadz style.  

32433942503_b6f2098013_z.jpg   32433943903_f280456871.jpg

Of particular note, I love how the designer showed Belle's open sleeves. Just using a simple color change, the appearance of an open sleeved gown is sold. It really goes to show how suggestion of detail or attributes is vitally important to BrickHeadz pulling off believable designs.   

Completed Figure

As stunning here as she was in the film, 41595 Belle has turned out spectacularly well in BrickHeadz form. The printed pieces really sell the dress and the flowing hair establishes movement and nostalgic blasts from the past from the iconic ballroom dance scene. Here unlike some other BrickHeadz, Belle also comes with a very appropriate accessory--a single rose--which while simple in its construction is perfect for the style of the figure.  

32433938483_5ce1795c72_z.jpg  32433939633_87a2ee77ee_z.jpg32433937203_6f2bbebf97_z.jpg


It is worth noting that there's one possible negative. Because of Belle's dress construction, 41595 Belle uses an abnormally deep base plate. This could annoy some collectors as they try to get their BrickHeadz to fit perfectly on display shelves only to find the Belle has a deeper base than all the other figures. That said, because of her more secure base and sturdy lower body, Belle does not suffer the affliction of fainting spells some heavy headed BrickHeadz are sick with, such as 41586 Batgirl and 41588 The Joker


With bright color, detailed printed bricks, and nostalgic firepower, 41595 Belle is sure to bring a smile to many faces and would be a welcome presence in any BrickHeadz collection, especially in tandem with 41596 Beast


  • Design: 5/5 - From the glitzy dress, the well done hair, to the open sleeves Belle is one gorgeous BrickHeadz. 
  • Parts: 5/5 -  Numerous Bright Light Yellow pieces, reusable printed designs, and brown slopes make this set desirable for parts.
  • Build: 5/5 -  Unique among the Wave 1 BrickHeadz, Belle utilizes interesting connections to make her dress.
  • Value for Price: 5/5 - With a nice looking figure, good parts, and a good number of parts too, the value is very good compared to other lesser BrickHeadz. 

My Score: (20/20)      A 


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I like the beast one more, but the Belle one is nicely detailed. My main problem with it is her foreheard just looks rather large. I also think they could've gone with a different skin tone.

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