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Review: 41596 Beast

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BrickHeadz is an exciting new Lego theme that depicts our favorite characters from movies, TV shows, games, and comics into fun and stylized collectible forms.  Each set contains a brick built figure with a build-able base, that includes a printed tile piece denoting the figure's wave number. Wave one consists of twelve unique and colorful characters based on The Lego Batman Movie, the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Disney's Beauty and the Beast and Pirates of the Caribbean. BrickHeadz is an exclusive theme from Lego, which means that you can only find the BrickHeadz sets at Lego brand retail stores and online from Lego Shop.

Before I begin this review, I would like to give my sincerest thanks to The LEGO Group (TLG) who have provided this set, and other wave one BrickHeadz sets, to Eurobricks making this review possible. The opinions expressed in this review are my own. 



Beauty and the Beast is without a doubt one of Disney's greatest films, so it shouldn't be surprising that when Lego tackles said property head on, good results soon follow. 41596 Beast should be of particular interest to BrickHeadz fans because he's has the most non-human form of all the figures we've seen from the first wave. No doubt later down the line we'll end up with some equally challenging shapes being squeezed into the BrickHeadz mold but the fact that Beast has turned out so well (and frankly so cute), can only mean good things to come. But for now, let's take a deeper look at the Beast within... 

Set Stats

Name: 41596 Beast
Theme:  Licensed / BrickHeadz
Year: 2017
Pieces: 116
Minifigs: N/A
Price: USD $9.99, CA $12.99, DE 9.99€, UK £9.99
Resources: Brickset, BricklinkLego Shop



The BrickHeadz sets all come in the same sized box (3.6 x 4.8 x 3.1), and 41596 Beast is no exception. Unlike the box style used for the Lego Batman Movie BrickHeadz, such as that on 41585 Batman, the color scheme used by 41596 Beast is far more pleasing to the eye. Bright pink is used which contrasts very nicely with the blue and yellow coat worn by Beast as well as all of his Dark Orange fur. The white brick border on the bottom of the box is also of particular note, as it gives the whole set a very clean and premium feel. The front and right hand side features the BrickHeadz logo as well as an image of the Beast himself, including image of the figure's 1991 animated inspiration. Both 41595 Belle and the Beast are inspired by their animated appearance rather than their upcoming live action forms, I suspect this was done by Lego to reach the widest possible buying audience and beef up the nostalgia factor. While live action Belle may not have changed much visually, the upcoming live action Beast is certainly darker overall and would likely have created a more animalistic and possibly unfamiliar figure for the public. So in my opinion it was wise to go with the animated form.       

32865792930_da13c9c7ac_z.jpg            33207188906_3f0bdb25f0_z.jpg



Unlike the Lego Batman Movie BrickHeadz, the Disney based ones use an ugly white wall of text, as opposed to a black one. Somewhat better? The back of the 41596 Beast box features images of 41595 Belle, as well as the two upcoming Pirates of the Caribbean BrickHeadz: 41593 Captain Jack Sparrow and 41594 Captain Armando Salazar. And as with all BrickHeadz boxes, this one is opened by a thumb tab rather than tape. 


Inside the box you'll find one instruction booklet, two bags--one big and one small--as well as a loose 4x6 black plate which will be used for the figure's base.  

Interesting Parts 

Being brightly colored and furry, 41596 Beast comes with a number of desirable parts, many of which coming the uncommon color of Dark Orange. These include eight 2x2 slopes, one 1x2 slope, two modified 1x2 plates with side clip, two dark orange jumper plates, and two dark orange 1x2 tooth plates. Additionally, Beast comes with two white quarter melon tiles, which are used for his fangs. 


As with all BrickHeadz, Beast features a number of (1x2x1 2/3) modified brick with side studs (in this case fourteen), as well as the standardized BrickHeadz eye tiles and wave indication 2x4 plate. 41596 Beast only comes with one uniquely printed piece, which is his vest print on a 1x1x2 yellow brick. 


As with all BrickHeadz the underlying structure of the figure is more or less the same--it's only when one reaches the head to things really start to change technique wise. In this regard, 41596 Beast features a number of smart choices that not only make the figure fun to build, but spot on accurate after the face. The use of quarter melon tiles for the fangs, the semblance of a lower lip with a goatee, and even bushy eyebrows really sell the look of the animated character. Also of note this is the only BrickHeadz thus far that has a tail! 



Completed Figure

He's so cute! The little bow, the fangs, even the standardized BrickHeadz eyes giving the puppy dog look! Now why wouldn't Belle love him? Ignoring the kidnapping and servitude bits of course. Still, 41596 Beast is a truly stunning figure--not only does he look like his animated counterpart, but he simply pops on a shelf. The colors are bold and the design is new and unique. What's more to ask for? 



An absolute must have for Disney fans, I'm sure we'll find even marginal BrickHeadz fans will be considering adding 41596 Beast to their collection. 


  • Design: 5/5 - Oh how a beast could be so beautiful, and not just on the inside! Lego has captured the Beast's face very well.  
  • Parts: 5/5 - Despite having only one unique print, the large amount of Dark Orange pieces more than make up for it. 
  • Build: 5/5 - The most animal-like of the Wave 1 BrickHeadz, Beast is interesting to build simply because his face is so different and detailed.  
  • Value for Price: 5/5 - Dark Orange, cute cuddly Beast? What's not to love at this price point? 

My Score: (20/20)      A


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you could add few bricks to the feet and make him taller

regarding brickheads, it's cute and all that, but a little too freaky for me

Edited by Angeli

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