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Review: 41586 Batgirl

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BrickHeadz is an exciting new Lego theme that depicts our favorite characters from movies, TV shows, games, and comics into fun and stylized collectible forms.  Each set contains a brick built figure with a build-able base, that includes a printed tile piece denoting the figure's wave number. Wave one consists of twelve unique and colorful characters based on The Lego Batman Movie, the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Disney's Beauty and the Beast and Pirates of the Caribbean. BrickHeadz is an exclusive theme from Lego, which means that you can only find the BrickHeadz sets at Lego brand retail stores and online from Lego Shop.

Before I begin this review, I would like to give my sincerest thanks to The LEGO Group (TLG) who have provided this set, and other wave one BrickHeadz sets, to Eurobricks making this review possible. The opinions expressed in this review are my own. 



In my opinion, one of the greatest things about The Lego Batman Movie is that it has provided us, as builders, with one of the best gifts ever: Dark Purple. Think back ten years and you’d have to scour the Earth to find sets that could provide this many parts in such a beautiful color, let alone at such a good price! Point being, what I will say next might be shocking too—don’t scrap this fig for that tasty tasty color41586 Batgirl is beautiful as is and you’d be hard pressed to take her apart once you place her on your shelf. But if you need some more convincing, read on: 

Set Stats

Name: 41586 Batgirl
Theme:  Licensed / BrickHeadz
Year: 2017
Pieces: 99
Minifigs: N/A
Price: USD $9.99, CA $12.99, DE 9.99€, UK £9.99
Resources: Brickset, BricklinkLego Shop 


The BrickHeadz sets all come in the same size box (3.6 x 4.8 x 3.1), and 41586 Batgirl is no exception. The box features both a clear look at the figure herself, but also at her inspiration: the Batgirl minifigure. In my opinion she made the leap from minifig to figure very well. Inside the box contains an instruction manual, two bags (one small and one large) and a lose 2x6 plate for the base. 


Interesting Parts 

Now I did say earlier that you shouldn’t part out this build for that juicy dark purple…but if there’s one part that might be really tempting, it’s the printed 1x4 brick with the Batgirl symbol. Now yes, I did say in my Batman review that a bat symbol brick was boring and that it was branded on everything already...but, this is Batgirl symbol, which automatically makes it cooler. I can see that brick easily being incorporated into a number of fun custom Batgirl vehicles and I hope to find that the to be case as people start collecting BrickHeadz. Clearly, my Batgirl minifigure has already claimed her favorite piece... 

33089883121_0a0c92a595_z.jpg   32353909014_88110a68b1_c.jpg

In terms of other bricks however, there are a number of spectacular purple pieces included. I won't list them, because that's basically the entire set frankly, but the two blank dark purple nexo-shields stood out to me. The only other printed pieces for the figure are those standard to BrickHeadz; the distinct eye tiles and the 2x4 printed wave plate. additionally of note, is the dark red 2x2 modified plate, which in that color is exclusive to this set. 41586 Batgirl also comes with (two, one being an extra) yellow Batarangs, which is nice as that color variant is new and very much appreciated.  


41586 Batgirl shares a similar construction to that of Batman, which does me she's on the somewhat boring side. While here multi colored bricks do provide splashes of change, her build process is largely just stacking bricks without much technique. Its only when constructing her cowl do things start to really divert from Batman--Batgirl features a sharped eared cowl, which utilizes two nexo-shield tiles. In other respects however, Batgirl is very much like Batman--their cape construction for instance is identical, only color swapped. And as with all BrickHeadz, you construct a base for the figure, using only four pieces.   


Completed Figure

If I had to pick a standout from the first wave of the BrickHeadz line, Batgirl might be the one. The color combinations worked well on the minifigure version, but here they somehow work even better. The purple pops, the yellow glows, the dark read hair just works, and the nougat skin tone just feels right. Both were based on the same film character design, but I manage to find the BrickHeadz version more charming, alluring, and perfect. 

33089882881_458361377e_z.jpg        33089883141_32c783f259_z.jpg33089883161_12d99487cc_z.jpg

Now if there were one issue I'd have to pick at, it would perhaps be the unfortunate tendency Batgirl has to fall over. Due to the weight of the bricks on her head, hair, and cape, along with the limited studs attachment points on the off-center base, Batgirl like 41588 The Joker, tends to tip over a lot. It's an unfortunate side affect, but one that should be noted. 


A must have in my opinion, 41586 Batgirl is a standout of the first BrickHeadz wave and as such she'll make a perfect addition to any collection. 


  • Design: 5/5 - Batgirl's design is somewhat simple, but her colorful appearance helps make up for it. 
  • Parts: 5/5 - Dark purple! 
  • Build: 5/5 - While similar to Batman, Batgirl has enough variations going to raise the interest level. 
  • Price: 5/5 - Getting so many nice pieces at this price is good, let alone a character difficult to part out after the first build.  

Overall: (20/20)      A 


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This is a the only Brickhead I got and was very happy with it. So happy in fact that my friend bought me another one!

I was never really fond of the whole Brickhead idea and design but after building one, I may be won round. It's interesting that you note about the colour scheme just popping, as that's one of the main reasons I really fell in love with Batgirl costume in the movie!

And, blimey, she really does fall over as you say. Great photos and review. :)

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It looks like it would be really easy to mod the stand so that it has a couple extra studs for the figure to attach to....

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My only problem with the set is that she doesn't get a Batman belt. She would be perfect with one! Alas, the whole marketing mishap with numerous Batgirl variations lead me to believe that there may have been a mishap with some designers?

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