[LDD MOC] TLBM - Catwomen`s Hotrod

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It`s already been a Month since i purchased the Catcycle Chase Set from the TLBM.

I like it for the Minifigs,but i`ve never been a Motorcycle Fan (i prefer Hotrods, Lowriders, Muscle Cars,Customs or Classics in general).

Sure,the usage of that printed Slope is outstanding,one of the big Surprises because usually TLC uses Stickers.

Anyways,i was just thinking "what if Catwoman had a Car,and what would suit her?"

I think a Hotrod fits her perfectly,they are small but quick and powerful and they turn your Head around,,,rawww!

May i present you Catwoman`s "Nine Livez" (yeah,i know that Name is worn out and somewhat corny but it fits.

33143610086_31890e542a_c.jpgTLBM-Nine Livez-1

33143606506_9b3d0ce9df_c.jpgTLBM-Nine Livez-2

33143603586_162cd7fd10_c.jpgTLBM-Nine Livez-3


I used the Hotrod from the Speed Champions Set as a Base and modified the Hell out of it.

Special Parts like the 4 printed halfround Tiles,the printed 2x2 Slope, the trans purple round Tiles and the purple Rims from the Bike will be reused.

The Car will be mostly black but with a few purple Bits build in (motly ones i already have or are easy to get).

Windshield and rear window will be trans yellow (luckily i still have a trans yellow 1x4 from the classic Space Age).

I also will use Parts from last Year`s Mighty Micro,that black pointy 1x2 Roofslope with printed Cat Eyes and the Tail (i think i have a second one somewhere....) for the Exhaust Pipes or...."Tail Pipes" :D

So,what do you think of my Idea?

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That works so well, it is just perfect as is. I haven`t (and won`t) be buying any of the cars from the Movie as they are too over the top for me  (with the exception of Mr Cobblepot`s Artic Roller,-which could have multi-uses ), but this is one I would definitely want!!

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