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[O - F10] Visiting Wick on Arium Major

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Location: Arium Major - F10

Tags: Vehicle, Spaceship, Civil Building

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John Hannibal died many months ago at the hands of MANTIS brutes, but before he died portions of his brain were mapped and uploaded by MANTIS spies. Unbeknownst to the operatives, Hannibal had recently synced with Dora, his loyal AI, which remained conscious. Dora slowly multiplied throughout the MANTIS and Kawashita intelligence networks. dispersing Hannibal's memories to find their way back to Octan scientists, one infected upload at a time.

Extraction 1.1

Extraction 1.2

Extraction 1.3

Extraction 1.4

Extraction 1.5

The Ghost in the Machine (LucasLaughing)

No Turning Back (LucasLaughing)


Shutting down the system (LucasLaughing)

Extraction 2.1

A Friend on Forring (Zaael)

Z on Forring

An old friend (Pombe)

Hombre on Donwarr

Long time ago on a plant far far away (WickNole)

With the help of CLAPPIE and Lu, some of Hannibal's consciousness is alive in a new body. Now he has the physical, albeit clunky, and technological means to seek out his lost memories and make himself whole.

[Dora] - You seem nervous, John. Something on your mind?

[Hannibal] - We share one Dora; you tell me.

[Dora] - I do try to give you your privacy in any way I can, but flight controls are in my parameters of...

[Hannibal] - I know Dora. Yeah, something is on my mind... It's the looks I've been getting from my friends. The upgrades from Z have helped, but everybody still looks at me with pity. I want to blend in more. 

[Dora] - Yes, I've noticed the change. I didn't know there was a distinction until I was uploaded into your mind, but now, it's like people look at us the way they looked at me, as a machine. Maybe there's a few things we can do for now to help. I've got some standard flight suits onboard; that'll help cover your body. I also bet we could ditch a lot of this casing around your head.

[Hannibal] - I suppose so. And with a smaller head, since we're going into Kawashita territory, I might be able to find a cyborg whose face I could borrow.

[Dora] - That's the spirit, John. I can't wait to see Wick's face when we see him again. It's been so long.

Octan Spitfire 1



Octan Spitfire 2

Octan Spitfire 4

Octan Spitfire 3

At a pitstop close to Wick Nole's camp.



[Hannibal] - What do you think Dora? 

[Dora] - Oh, John, the skin fits on just right. And that smile... Let's go see your friend, he's going to be so happy to see you


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Now this is an excellent build. i love this ship, it's got expert greebling, SNOT, etc. You are truly a master builder. Please quit Octan and join Kawashita.

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I had no idea they made fleshies with that face pattern!


Great ship, very powerful feeling. i like the landscape and it makes the point that it can be pretty straightforward and still look nice. I'll miss the characters and narratives of AG1 when it all ends soon. But hopefully AG2 provides new ones to follow.

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