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New battlemechs

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Right, long ago, I posted some Battlemechs on here from Battletech/Mechwarrior. While I stopped posting about mechs though, I didn’t stop making them for a while after. I figured it was about time I posted the rest. Enjoy!



The Wolfhound. This one came around because I watched the Battletech cartoon.

Not sure I’m entirely satisfied with the head, but it is a compromise between two different designs. I should probably just have stuck with one of them.


The next ‘mech I built was another clan medium ‘mech:


The Stormcrow. I’ve always liked fielding this one, and I like the design, so it was pretty obvious.

This one I’m pretty satisfied with looks-wise, but it turned out a little fragile.


Stay tuned, there are still more ‘mechs to come.

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More mechs coming right up.



The TBT-5S Trebuchet in all of its blueness. (



This one actually has a small story behind it. One of the players, in the MechWarrior RPG I’m the GM for, was from the Free Rasalhague Republic and piloted a Trebuchet. When he died horribly to, I decided to build myself a trophy, which resulted in this. I wanted to do that for further players who died, but it didn’t prove feasible in the long run (I had already built an Atlas when someone got killed in theirs).


On to the next ‘mech.


The good old COM-2D Commando. I was never really satisfied with the head on this one, but I have no idea how to give it more detail. (



Atleast the colours turned out like I wanted them to.


Right, that was two more down. The rest will follow soon!

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