41184 Aira's Airship & the Amulet Chase - Review and photos

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 Hello! :)

There'll be a lot of reviews of new Elves sets soon, but I think it can't be too many of them anyway :) So I decided to make one again! I've build beautiful Aira's Airship of Elves 2017 and here's some pictures of it. Hope you like it too :)

Overall impression reminds me split of two amazing sets from first wave - Naida's Adventure Ship and Pegasus Sleigh with all that fancy-styled details and pleasing color scheme. Ant that's great! Play features became less peaceful: while only weapon of team of Andventure ship was frying pan, heroes of new story have boomerang and disc shooter, and little goblin with flying backpack looks more menaceful than sea shell or little dragon's house :)



Most intriguing part of the main building for me was wing mechanism. It have a lot intresting joints, even gear mechanism that keeps wings in raised position. Movement is enough tight, it's not very light and smooth, and needs a little effort. But anyway I really liked that it adds technic building expirience.



Intresting parts: lots of gold makes happy my inner magpie! :D


Book with air symbol is my favorite item here! I like Aira most of all characters, so I glad that here's new stuff with her symbols. Boomerang is also nice weapon for an intelligent character. Map is classical feature of this series.


All theese pretty items may be storaged in pantry of the airship! Also there's box with ammo for disc-shooter.


Goblin's fliyng box. I can't find out how this bolts shoot :( When I press them as shown in istruction, they just falls down, may be I make it wrong way. But I don't mind it, because I like boxes :) The goblin himself looks like an desperate person that can bring a lot of troubles for elves! :)


And here's comparisions :) New amulet also fits good to regular lego minifig. There were two amulets on one mould, like golden keys from other sets. This old and respectable guy is honored to show it to you! :) (it's only minifig that saved from my former collection)


Comparision with Naida's Adventure Ship from 2015.



Three Airas!


And last picture - Aira's airfleet, of Elvendale Airlines inc. =) Also here's my jetbike moc :)


Thanks for watching! I hope this will attract more intrest for this beautilul series! 









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Great review! I had been curious as to how the wing-flapping function was constructed, and your picture answers a lot of my questions. It's even more intricate than I imagined—I never realized it would use gears to "lock" the function block in!

The amulet doesn't seem to fit minifigures quite as well as, say, the gold medal piece from the CMFs, since it doesn't wrap around the minifigure's "neck" (the lower part of their head) and as such leaves an unseemly gap. I sort of get the impression that it's designed more so that a mini-doll can "hold" it (around the stud on the top of their hand) than for true minifig compatibility. Still, it's a great-looking piece on mini-dolls and will be much better for role-play than the previous printed amulet.

All in all this looks like an excellent set and I can't wait to get it!

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A fun and well-done review! Your captions really made me smile :classic: I like the style of the airship. It like a super-cute version of the Ninjago Raid Zeppelin - and has so many interesting pieces! :classic:

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Great photos, especially the inside view of the wing mechanism. I had tried to discover its workings from other pictures but it is much different than I thought.

I think you've just finally convinced me that I can't let this one slip by. I am still put off by having skipped so many of last year's sets and not being able to find them anymore.

Thanks for the review!

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Thanks for your comments! :)

Yes, I like that this set is cute while not being pink-colored and babyish. Elves line have great balance of fantasy and kind atmosphere without cloying, for my opinion. I'm little sad that first wawe sets totally disappeared from stores, I'm intrested in Skyra's Castle and Treetop for my collection, but in the other hand it's great because it means that it have commercial success! =D

Also I think I should buy some technic sets (I love it too!) as base for new mocs =) 

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5 hours ago, Lordofdragonss said:

Woah, the ship is smaller that I expected. WIth that price I hope it will be at least slightly bigger than Naida's! ;o
Is the cover on the book printed?

No, it's sticker, and inlay too. 

New ship really have less space on it, but it have almost the same weight as Naida's :)

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Great review, I wasn't interested in this set initially, then I decided to buy it to get Dukelin but now I have it, I love the ship!  It's a great base to fight off Ashwing and Cronan   :)

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