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I am looking to build a Minifigure scale Lego Millennium Falcon with a detailed interior. Though I am not very good at designing in Lego form (or Lego Digital Designer), so i was wondering if anyone had any instructions for this or if anyone has a LDD file for this that would great. Also I was wondering how i would go about building a project like this.

Thanks Louis

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Easiest thing to is buy the current Lego millennium falcon and just add your own interior as there is plenty of room in there. 

If you don't have the spare bricks to do it physically you could always download the ldd file for the current falcon and do the upgrade digitally then buy the bricks later.

If you have a look around the many falcon topics on this site you will see how people have upgraded specific areas such as the gaps in the top plates, resizing the mandibles, updrading cockpits... the list goes on.

Be warned, once you start your own Millenium falcon project it will be an ongoing project. 

i know too well building my own falcon at the moment how much time and fun you  will spend doing this. Happy building.

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Your question trigers my skepticism alarm :) Building a custom BIG MF is hell of a dofficult project that only skilled builders dare to tackle. And building it with interior is whole another league... I don't think there are any instructions or complete LDD files for such thing. Check out the MF built by EB member ScottishDave for example. Or there is another ongoing WIP build done by EB member Kit Bricksto - these both fit your description. But man, such things require huge dedication and skill, not talking the budget. I don't wat to be Mr. Discourager but without much experience with designing your own MOCs, this seems like huge bite to chew.

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Hi Louis, welcome to Eurobricks!

Your question makes a great first post, and I share your enthusiasm for this classic Star Wars Ship. As Krisandkris12 mentioned, I have been nuts enough to build one of these things, so I shall try to answer your question.

More information is available on the thread on my Falcon model.

My Falcon started life as a clone of the 10179 UCS Millennium Falcon, built with parts from other sets or bought off the internet (all genuine lego, no clone bricks). Back in 2010 I think it cost me £260. These days it may well be more expensive.

I'm not the only one who has done this: search this forum for "Bricklinked UCS Falcon" for lots and lots of guidance and tips. If you do bricklink a UCS Falcon, you wil end up with model measuring 88 cm/32 inches long, which is easily minifig scale (1:40 if I recall correctly).

The two downside of the stock, basic, run-of-the-mill UCS Falcon are: firstly, that it has no interior to speak of, and secondly, in common with many official models it is not quite as accurate as one would prefer.

I therefore rebuilt my model totally, added an interior and modified the outer hull to better match the "real" Falcon.

If you like my exterior changes, I have just added an LXF file for most of those bits to my thread (see link above or click on the Falcon in my signature).

I don't plan to put the interior and framework into LXF any time soon. Sorry, but I don't get time to do much Lego these days!

If you want to take the LXF I just posted as a starting point and add your own framework & interior using the UCS model as a guide - feel free. All the parts I posted are "compatible" with the UCS Falcon, with a bit of work!


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