[MOC] The Nubian Nightmare

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Darth Vader's very own corvette, custom designed and used during the Great Jedi Purge whilst hunting down the last Jedi stragglers around the galaxy. For such missions, a more subtle entrance is sometimes required into some planetary systems, rather than arriving with a fleet of star destroyers.

The ship features an integrated shuttle attached to the top of the main hold (accessed by a functional lift) and the main craft carries a small selection of compact repulsorlift vehicles custom built for lord Vader's private ship.
The rear of the corvette is accessed by a central corridor and is comprised of 3 floors, with the engineering room at the bottom, secondary/storage hold above and then the command deck on top. On land, the main hold can fully open to function as a mobile mission outpost if required.
It is said that Lord Vader claims that the unusual name for the ship is because of it's Nubian drive engines and the aggressive angular design of the ship is nightmarish compared to the sleek flowing designs that Nubian ship builders are famed for - although there are whispered rumours that it is secretly named in memory of a lady who favoured Nubian ships and that Lord Vader may have had some kind of nightmares about this mysterious lady...

Full gallery on Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/photos/evilkirk/albums/72157677518066832/with/31705233813/





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2 hours ago, AgentKallus of Hydra said:

Nice :thumbup: ,Interesting to see that Vader now recruits clone trooper and the stig :tongue:

Lord Vader is an equal opportunities employer and will basically hire anyone dressed in white with a helmet :P

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I do believe I need one of these! This looks great! 

In particular I am taken by the troop capacity you designed into it. Plus the cell for holding rebel scum! 

Edited by Japanbuilder

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Nice it looks great! A very epic looking Moc! I like how it has a lot of functionality too with moving side panels and such. Great work!

Edited by FishW

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