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The Wicked Witch of the West is the latest victim of dark and gritty reboots, and she ain't happy about it.

Wicked Witch - Jack Rizzo
Saruman - Isaac Smith
Flying monkey - Aaron Good
Doctor Strange - Jack Rizzo

Creator's Comments:
So I actively enjoy a lot of very dark films and shows (Blade Runner, Dark City, The Magicians, a lot of classical horror too) but I'm getting tired of seeing stories that work because of their whimsical nature being turned into, well, the exact opposite. Not that the Oz books didn't have a darker edge to them, but a show like Emerald City is just alienating, and misses the point of the original. I feel like I could have been a LOT more harsh in parodying it, but I also wanted to make use of the LEGO Dimensions pack XD Seriously guys, who thought we'd get official LEGO Wizard of Oz minifigures? It's awesome!

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