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Here is a TIE Bomber MOC I made a while back. It's too large, I know, but I made it a while back, and I wasn't as good at accuracy or stability back then. This was originally supposed to fill in the gaps in the LEGO Star Wars lineup, but the way the modules are joined, it's far too weak to be made in real life, let alone made into a "set". Anyway, here it is:


It needs stands to stand up (no pun intended)


Here is the cockpit. It's very similar to the TIE Striker's one.


There's a bombardier compartment at the back behind the cockpit:


Fold open the other side, and you see the rapid stud shooter. It is activated by turning the engine behind the module, which I forgot to take a screenshot of :hmpf_bad:

Here is the wing detailing:


C&C Welcome! I may update this topic with a pic of the engines when I have time.

VaderFan2187 out!

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This isn't all too bad. It has good form, hopefully I can finish my LDD example that I haven't been able find inspiration for. 

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It doesn't look too big to me. It looks quite good in fact. If you can fix the structural issues it would be a very good MOC

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