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More information about the contest can be found in the general discussion topic.


Please take a careful look at the rules before posting in this topic. Each participant is obliged to create a post in this entry topic. Posts need to follow the rules stated below. Posts not following the rules will be disqualified so please read them carefully.


The entry post in this topic needs to contain:

  • Entry name AND your Bot category ( CAT A:  for SBRICK,  or CAT B: for PF IR)
  • Signature move name
  • Short summary of the functions.
  • One or more images (max 3).  You can have combined pictures (4 in 1) as long as the picture isn't bigger than 1024x1024.
  • Video (mandatory)
  • Link to the discussion topic


This topic should be used for entries only, so commenting is prohibited. Please use the general discussion topic for...well, general discussion on the contest, and individual discussion topics to comment on the individual entries.

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1. Son of Aminnich

Cat A: SBrick 

The name of the main weapon is called Merry-go-Destroyer.  The weapon is powered by 8 L-motors using wheels for the output to a larger wheel.  I used the wheels instead of clutch gears because they were are strong enough.  The drive is the same style as a skid steer, each set of tracks use an L-motor.  In total the bot has 10 L-motors, 2 battery boxes and 2 Sbricks. The battery boxes built into the arms are loaded with batteries, but they do not supply power.  




You can check out the progress of my bot here.  

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2. destructobox v5.2 

Cat b: IR

Signature move: Toppler

it was named destructobox for its boxy shape. destructobox uses Ir because i like having a controller in my hand. during its development several different versions were made. this bot was to use a horizontal blade but the size constraint was not allowed to be 62* studs rule. if it had been at the start, this bot would be way different. the bot's weapon is a 1:5 geared down ramp flipper driven by m motors with Armour is two layers thick at top. its downside is its inability to right itself, however its center of gravity is in such a great place a flipper would need a lot of travel to flip it. check out its development here






*I measured and a 45X45X45 cube allows a 62 stud, beam wide area.

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3. Regicide

Cat B - PF IR

Signature Move:  Kingslayer - From the mightiest king to the feeblest peasant, they were all brought low when hit hard in exactly the right spot.

Dimensions: 45 x 44 x 35

Regicide uses a horizontal spinner directly driven by four XL motors on two battery boxes in the superstructure.  The XL motors are geared up 2:1 before reducing down through the turntables.  The spinner is supported at the top and bottom by turntables.  The spinner has two loaded battery boxes for extra mass.  The entire superstructure can be tilted by being raised at the back by two linear actuators driven by an M motor.  This allows it to target specific areas of the other bot and reach within 6L of the ground.  The bracing at the back pinches the spine of the superstructure so there is not very much more flex at the top of its range than at the bottom.  It uses skid steering with four L motors on another two battery boxes in the center of the base.  The two motors on each wheel pass through an adder.  Regicide has a bulldozer-like blade on its heavily reinforced front with 8lbs/3.6kg of high speed lego and batteries behind it. 

Link to discussion topic





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4. Entry name: BLACKOUT

Category B (PF IR)

Signature move name: Smithereen maker (spinner)

Summary of functions: High speed light-weight spinner, skid steering, self-righting mechanism

I wanted to do a robot with a spinner that can reach in all directions. My plan was to mirror it around the spinner, so that the top (where the self-righter is) also had wheels, so that it could drive upside down. It turned out to be too bulky and didn't look very good, so I added a self-righting mechanism instead. I also planned to make the spinner completely round with teeth, but it got too heavy for the speed i wanted. The blade weighs a little over 100 grams and I actually calculated the rotational energy the blade has, and it's approximately 1 Joule (if you drop an apple from 1 meter, you get the same energy). The speed of the blade at the tip is 20 km/h. It has a "pull to activate battery"-mechanism, which makes it almost impossible for other robots to turn off the power, as you have to pull a small beam to power it off (look at the end of the video). It also has a special shape to make it impossible to balance on it's side, which means it can always self-right. The black things sticking out from the top helps with that.



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5. Razor II

Cat B - PF IR

Signature Move - Grabber/Crusher

This was going to be Razor from UK Robot Wars, however I ran out of space in the 45 stud cube, so although similar to Razor, I figured it was different enough to be named Razor II. This robot grabs other bots. Weaker machines are simply crushed, tougher machines are dumped in "The Pit". The body work is almost touching the floor to defend against flipper bots, and the bodywork is solid liftarm construction to be spinner proof. The bot weighs in at 1.8kg. It's driven by 2 L motors. The Claw is powered by twin M-motors and the cobra wings (just to look threatening) are driven by an M-motor. All IR controlled.





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6. Lancelot

Category: A SBrick

Signature Move: Power Tilt

Drive: 4 XL Motors

Control: Skid Steer

Weapon: Variable Geometry Flipper powered by 4 XL Motors

Flipper armed robots are consistent winners.  Lancelot is battle tested, and ready to Power Tilt any opponent!

This heavy 2.55 kg bot can flip far more than its own weight.  The forks have substantial down pressure - ramming a bot with zero ground clearance bot pierce the forks underneath it.  Fast flipping action and speedy maneuverability enable a skilled driver to Power Tilt bots with rotary weapons before their discs come up to speed.  The system block construction is rigid and indestructible.


Invite:  Bring your Battle Bot to next year's Bricks Cascade convention in Portland Oregon, February 2018.

See the Lancelot thread for exciting battle testing.

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7. Son of Whyachi

Signature Move: 3 arm rotor with hammers
Category: B (IR)

Weight: 1.800 g
Dimensions: 45 x 45 x 18 studs
Drive: 6 M motors (one/wheel)
Rotor Speed: 750 RPM
Rotor Motor: RC/buggy (5292)

Link to the discussion topic is HERE.





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8. Name: Fire Fighter

Cat. B PF IR

Signature move: 4 rotating blades especially for ripping of tyres.

The bot drives on tracks, so it has to be very maneuverable. It is powered by two m-motors, one per track. As it turned out to be very heavy, these motors struggle driving one track in reverse. The 4 blades are powered by one m-motor. The yellow part on the bot is a defending mechanism for attacks from above. This one is powered by two m-motors, both LA's have their own motor. For battles at the end of the day, the bot has some lights.



Discussion topic

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9. Name: Bison


SIGNATURE MOVE: Kick heels + massive butting head

Description - From Brickypedia

Bison are large, even-toed ungulates in the genus LEGO Bots within the subfamily Sumo bots. Their weight can reach 1070 grams, and can be built up to 37x26x9 studs size. The bison are the largest surviving terrestrial MOCs in North America and Europe. They are nomadic grazers and travel in herds. This species were hunted close to extinction during the 20th century by AFOLs for their precious XL motors, PF receiver and 3x11 panels. Nowadays they are rebounded in battle arenas, and protected by Eurobricks Community.


Wallowing and skid steering is a common behavior of bison, thus evolved their robust chassis and two sided functionality. Bison roll in children's room floor, covering themselves with pins or tiles. Possible explanations suggested for wallowing behavior include grooming behavior associated with moulting, male-male interaction (typically rutting behavior of AFOLs in discussion topics). Bison temperament is often unpredictable. They usually appear peaceful, unconcerned, even lazy, yet they may attack anything, often without warning or apparent reason. They can move at speeds up to 2,85 km/h and cover long distances thanks to the AA battery box at a lumbering gallop on their chubby 68,8x40 wheelsTheir most obvious weapons (often referred as Signature Moves) are their massive heads can be used as battering rams, effectively using the momentum produced. They are able to push the triple of their own weigts (> 3 kgs). The friction gear driven hind legs (kick-heels) can also be used to kill or maim with devastating effect. In the words of early naturalists, they were dangerous, savage builds that feared no other MOCs.





Disclaimer: any similarity with relative Wikipedia article might not be a coincidence.

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10. The Reaper

Cat A: SBrick 

The main weapon of this 'bot is called the War Scythe. 

Drive: 1 L-Motor
Steering: 1 Servo Motor
Moving Bucket: 1 XL-Motor
War Scythe: 2 L-Motors

The bucket moves up and down to fit inside of the 45x45x45 max size. It has steering and driving like a normal car to keep it simple and less likely to break. The bucket traps the opponent and pins it to the wall, while the scythe smashes it to bits while it is imprisoned. :devil: 





Discussion Topic:


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11. Bucket Wheel TerminatorCAT B: PF IR.

Signature move name: 'Bucket Saw'.

- Buggy Motor for rotating the 'Saw'
- M-motor lifting a boom
- 2 L-motors for drive
- 2x IR receiver
- LiPo for power.




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12. Nibbler

Cat B: PF IR

Signature Move: Death by a Thousand Cuts aka chain driven spinning frames


4 M Motors - 1 for each wheel and 2 for driving the weapon

2 Battery boxes

37 Studs Long x 23 Studs Wide x 9 Studs High (its quite compact)

Runs either way up

Colour Coded Body and Controller for ease of use





WIP Topic:



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13. Black Egyptian

Cat: A SBrick

Signature move: "A hit from heaven"

Dimensions: 25x25x25 studs


Drive - 2 XL-motors;

Hit mechanism - 1 M-motor;

Power supply - 1 battery box;

Remote control - 1 SBrick.

This bot can move in any direction with a pretty high speed, which helps it to strike quickly and from different sides. The hit mechanism has a short recharge time, and the shape of the hit part is pyramidal, which allows for dotty and rapid strikes.

All the important parts of the bot are hidden inside a solid shell, which does not give opponents the chance to turn it off or immobilize it.

Link to discussion topic





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CAT B: PF-ir receiver

Move: The slammer

 My robot has 2 functions, both use 2 motors:

- Drive. It is track driven. Wheels didn't work well with my weight. One L-motor for left and one L-motor for right. 

- Hammer. A XL-motor is used for lifting the hammer, an M-motor is used to release a clutch. Thanks to the clutch, the hammer can fall under gravity. The hammer is very heavy because it has a filled battery box at the end. 





Discussion topic

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15. Meet maximum impact!

CAT A (sbrick)

Signature move: The Pulverizer

It's a 4 wheel drive monster with a flip-over proof design. It was purposely built BIG, it's size and weight are part of it's defensive strategy.

It can push all enemies around due to it's super strong drivetrain, it can push 9KG!
It's surprisingly mobile for this size robot, it can turn on a dime.
It's main weapon is a very strong ram, that can also fire 3 missiles!

If that does not do the trick it also has a very strong set of jaws to tear off parts or grab, drag or push the enemy into an arena pitt.
The sides are protected by 16 spinnig/crushing blades that are automatically activated when something gets close.
Depending on the enemy's weight and speed, driving gear ratio's can be set up in 3 ways easily before battle to maximize combat efficiency!

And, it's build like a tank as the torture test in the video will show, everything is over-engineered to be able to survive battle damage!
All wheels are individually powered, so even if it loses a wheel it's still mobile because it's an all wheel drive design. the ram is pulled back with 2 motors but can function with just one, the jaws pinching motion is also done with 2 motors but can function with one.
So, even if you manage to tear off a wheel(unlikely), disable a weapon or 2 and it will just keep attacking you.
It even has lighting...because why not?! LOL

It features 4 SBricks (2 of them SBrick plus) 6 L-motor, 5 XL-motor, 2 servo motors, 2 wedo proximity sensors and 4 PF lights.

CLICK HERE for extensive information and the build log

Sorry for the long video, it's just a lot to cover:tongue:





I hope you guy's like it!





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16. The Mammoth

Cat A
Signature Move: The Ancient Spear

The Mammoth drives with two xl motors. Beside that there are two functions: The spear and the tusks. The tusks can hold the opponent in place, while the spear destroys the armor. The Mammoth is very stable cause of his low center of gravity, and the 8 wheels makes it very hard to push away. This monster weighs around 1800 gram, so flipping is quite hard. 

Link to the discussion topic: 






I hope you like my creation. For more information you can see the discussion topic! (Link is above the photos)

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18. The Mould


Signature move: The Dervish

Drive: 2XL + 2L motors

Dimensions: 45 x 25 x 11 L

The power of my design is it's durability. I decided to not use any swingy, spinny things, because they may snap off. Also, I have a limited amount of motors. So my solution is to put all I've got into the drivetrain and allow the "weapon" to share it's power. The signature move is simply running the motors in opposite directions to make the whole robot spin. The result is 1,5 kg of plastic and batteries spinning at around 350 rpm (calculated from rpms of loaded motors) with plenty of torque to maintain that velocity even through countless hits on the opponent. Running in a straight line, it could reach about 18 km/h with a good run up...which serves for offense as well as cowardice. :blush: I can also drive the robot slowly for accurate manoeuvrability...that's using gears, not speed controllers (explained in the discussion topic). The durability of my robot is shown towards the end of my video.




Yes, the house is so horrible on purpose :D


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19. Wave of Wrath


Signature move-horizontal spiked blade

Motor used

2 L motor for drive

2 RC motor for drive weapon

Link to discussion topic





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20. Powerspin

Cat A: sBrick

Signature move: Spin of Destruction (a.k.a. Please don't hit my Lego with those metal hooks!?!?!)
Size: 44x39x13
Weight: 2.055 kg
Drive: 2 XL motors for driving, buggy motor for the disc

When I saw the competition I knew I had to make something and the first thing that came to mind was a spinner. In the real Robot Wars/Battlebots they are the most powerful (along with some flippers) and it translates well to Lego with the buggy motor. Initially I had Tombstone in mind but with the size constraints and thus the positioning of the weels in the initial prototype, it ended up looking more like Carbide (or Cobalt). So for the finished look I took my inspiration from that. At the front is the spinning disc with the dreaded metal hooks, that can spin both ways, either for blunt force with the round end or for a ripping effect with the sharp end. At the back is a wedge that sits nearly flush with the ground meaning it is very hard to get under and it can also be used to push the other bot around or deflect and stop the blade of an opposing spinner. At both sides there is a protruding single beam so it will always fall back on its wheels should it be flipped, which is very hard considering the weight of more than 2kg. 

[Large Image]
[Large Image]
[Large Image] Fits within the 45 by 45 box, height should be clearly below 45 (please let me know if I'm required to show a comparison nonetheless).

Let me know if you like my bot in the Discussion Topic!

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21. CAT A: s-brick

Name: The Blacksmith

Signature move: "Hammer Slammer"

Functions: high speed driving, accurate steering, automated hammer attack sequences by s-brick controll.



"Forged in the heat of battle we present, The Blacksmith, a design by Marx.

Faster than anything on the battlefield, it swings it's mighty hammers at it's foes at high speed, breaking armor, gears and spirits!

This will be the dawn of a new time, HAMMER TIME!!!"





Let me know what you think in the discussion topic or my own topic.


20170415_162222 (2).jpg

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22. CAT B: PF IR


Signature move: flipper + lifter combo aka the launcher

Size: H:16 W:25 L:32

Weight: 1kg

Motors used: 2XL for drive, 1XL for flipper reloading, 1M for lifer

Some more stuff: the weapon takes 3-4 seconds to reload and its drive is a 4WD one with skid steering, receriver are exposed for maximum efficency with the IR rays not passing trough bricks, but there is a lever that hold them so strong that you can hold the whole bot by a receiver without damaging anything.

This bot aims to be one of the most compact of the competition, but packaging lots of high power functions together. It has an internal frame that make the whole bot really though without the need for external armor, and this allow not to waste power moving its own weight, being so small is not an handicap, its flipper can easily flip opponent up to 1kg, but if it success to go  under the opponent with its wedgy design it can carry and flip even heavier opponents (tested up to 2 kg). The flagship of this robot is the reloading mechanism for the flipper, a lot of power is controlled by only one XL motor with a mechanism that is easily operated (reload and release) by only one channel. The bot can also self right and it use he weapon to do that, if the weapon is not reloaded when it get flipped then it can reload even while upside down, there are external cages and liftarms that were added not to make it stuck while trying to selft right!

hope you like it, i've designed to show what real engineering is, and what it can create even with small sizes: a robot that can flip/lift/self right/push/and carry!




here you can find some of the crucial parts of the bot: the weapon reloading system, the lifting system and the internal armor, all this screenshots were taken from the LDD editor and the lxf file is available for everyone! tc11_entry.lxf



if you want to see real flipping, or the bot vs a fanta can, or you just want to know more about the building process you can take a look to the discussion topic

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23. Cat A:

Name: Square pancake

Signature move: Lift, Spin and Smash

Size: 45 x 45 x ~8 studs

Powered by: 10M, 2L, 4XL and 1 RC motor for a total of 17 motors

Weight ~ 2,5 kg

For this competition I wanted to build the most advanced bot, packed full of features:

- Mecanum wheels, they allow the bot to go in ANY direction, even sideways. Each wheel is powered by 2 M motors, therebye totaling at 8 M motors for drive, combined with a flippable design which allows the bot to drive upside down

- Liftable spikes to raise the opponent and siable them in the front, powered by 2 L motors  and at the sides, powered by 2 M motors

- The rear has a very fast spinning weapon, which tops at some 4000 rpm, powered by an RC motor

- To top it all off the whole rear spinning weapon is on an arm which can pivot upward, therebye delivering a powerfull blow. For that action I used 4 XL motors.


Please check the video of the bot in action:

Topic with more info can be found here:

Thank you for checking my battlebot and good luck to everybody :wink:

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