[MOC] Microfighter AT-ST

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I recently bought the Rogue One imperial Battlepack - mainly for the Death Troopers - but was a bit disappointed with the generic non-canon walker that was included so I decided to see if I could re-use the parts to make something a bit more pleasing. That was the plan but in the end I went off-course and ended up using only a few of the parts from the battle pack - and plenty more from Bricklink. The result was this Microfighter scale AT-ST complete with driver borrowed for a larger set. Vital statistics are: 84 pieces, 6 studs wide, about 10 high - depending on how the legs are posed - and about 8 long.





I'm fairly happy with how it turned out, it stands up OK and can be posed with the legs 'walking' though it's a little front heavy. The head is mounted on a mixels ball joint so it's got a little range of motion and the stud shooter cannons can be raised and lowered too. The legs and lower assembly are quite straightforward but the head section has a lot of SNOT going on with 6 brackets holding the thing together. It was definitely the hardest part to do.


It's nearly all LBGrey and DBGrey but I got a bored of that and put some sand yellow bits in to break it up - tonally they are between the two greys so you can get a bit of subtlety in the shading but it may not be to everyone's taste, I may change them to regular grey. The driver also has a couple trans green plates in front to mimic the cockpit displays, just for another bit of colour.

Scale-wise, it's a bit taller than most Microfighters but within the bounds and it doesn't look too out of place in the range - I don't have the AT-DP to compare it to but I do have AT-AT... 


Yes, I know it's all kinds of wrong but it sort of works..

That's all, comments welcome. I'll post the .LXF once I've brought it up to date with how the actual model turned out.





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Very nice micro build! I wish Lego would make this into a set. I don't know why it hasn't yet. Oh well, Awesome job!

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