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Hi Everyone.

Today I want to show You my latest MOC, a mini tracked loader.




-Length: 34cm

-Width: 15cm

-Height: 18cm

-Weight: 1350g


- 2 M motors with ratio 1:8, one per each track

-1 XL motor for lifting/ lowering a arm

-1 M motor for operating a bucket



The arm is lifting/ lowering by 2 big linear actuators and propeled by XL motor with 1:1 ratio. I think a arm is moving little too slow.

A bucket is operated by 2 small linear actuators and propeled by M motor with 1:1.6 ratio. A t the beginning I wanted to build my own bucket but i decided to install a original Lego bucket.


A battery box is placed in the rear of loader to can it easy replace. All model tilts little to back becaouse a most of weight is on the rear.


Model has a openable cabin door and driver seat.








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Cool MOC, it works pretty well and looks amazing too, the video presentation really makes it all better, the functions and the compact design are truly masterpieces, nice work on it.

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2 hours ago, Offroadcreat1ons said:

I like it and the size a lot. The Volvo bucket is perfect for this MOC!


It's not a Volvo bucket


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