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Kodan Black

[O - F10] - To Farmolis

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Location: F10 Arium Major
Tags: Land Vehicle, Civil Building, Spaceship, Spying, Stealth Ship




I had talked to our awesome CEO pombe and after discussing the merits of the extraction of Dr. Norah he had authorized the use of a stealth ship to aid in her extraction. This would not only allow us to keep her safe, but also would prevent any issues with Kawashita that had a major presence on Arium Major. It was very exciting that it was all happening!


It was also super scary to have to reveal the truth. Initially Dr. Norah was shocked and didn't believe that I could be from Octan. She said it didn't make sense as I'd been picked up on Guinevere and Octan hadn't ever been there! I told her that despite being a scientist I was doing investigative work on Guinevere in a secretive fashion. She said "So you are a spy?" I told her I definitely wasn't a spy, I had no training in such things! She insisted that I let her leave and that she was going back to Mantis ASAP. I knew it was the shock of it all and that she wasn't thinking clearly so I told her that it would be for the best for her to come to Octan. She very quickly seemed to change her mind and agreed it would be for the best.

I told her that we would get her safely to Farmolis and set her up with her own lab facilities. I said that she would be very happy there and she agreed. I was so relieved and super happy that this was going so well. It seemed like the more I talked to her the more she calmed down and came around to my thinking. ED-208 was going to stay with her and keep her safe. He would also aid her once on Farmolis and assist in her transition to Octan.





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