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TLBM : Bat Signal

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Who doesn`t know the iconic Bat Signal?In pretty much every Incarnation of the Batman Comics, Cartoons and Movies, this repurpused Searchlight was used to either call Batman for Help or to lure him into a Trap.

It even made it`s Way into various Lego Sets with the latest Versions being used in the TLBM Sets.They all have something in common:They look okay,but it still could be better.

That`s why i took the printed Dish from last Year`s Batman vs Superman Set,some Parts from the TLBM Police Minifig Pack and many Parts from my Parts Bin.

And voila,there it is:My very own Bat Signal Vignette,complette with a Rooftop,an Antenna and a little AC Ventilator that can be used to turn the Bat Signal.






The dynamic Duo arrives...



Um das kleine Diorama abzurunden (und damit Batman was hat um den Enterhaken dran zu hängen) habe ich noch eine kleine Antenne mit Teilen aus der Restekiste gebaut


Simple but it works...




So,what do you think of my newest Creation?

Comments are welcome.

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