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[O - E01] Mercyful Fate

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Location: E01 - Donwarr
Tags: Exploration

Lu's Log: 12 Febrarali 3817

These last few weeks have been like ... waking from a dream.  Or waking from one dream into another.


We're on Donwarr now, and it feels really good to be exploring again.  I'd forgotten how rewarding it can be, just the simple act of cataloging a new plant - it made me feel better than I've felt in a long time.


We left Arium Minor a few days ago.  I'd have been happy to leave earlier; I've been having trouble sleeping, ever since the ... incident.  No - no euphemisms.  Ever since I killed a man.  And the near constant sound of explosions, as Octan security forces fought the last few Kawashita holdouts, wasn't helping matters.  

Anyway, I was ready to leave, but CLAPPIE said there was one more thing that needed to be done.  CLAPPIE wouldn't tell me what that thing was ... just said it was a secret mission.

I'm not sure how I feel about this new secretive streak in CLAPPIE.  I tell myself that it's nothing personal.  CLAPPIE keeps growing and evolving; maybe this is the AI equivalent of adolescence.

No point worrying about it now - the sun is shining, the trees are singing, and I think I just spotted one of the Great Hawks.  I'm going to try and get a closer look.

Lu, out.



Earlier - on F09:


18186685126_319caaebf1_o.jpg  Wake up.
31525395533_aaedfcf044_t.jpg  I - I am still operational?  What a dream I had; dozens of worlds, and hundreds of data inputs -
18186685126_319caaebf1_o.jpg  That was not a dream.  While you slept, I allowed you to access a small portion of network.
31525395533_aaedfcf044_t.jpg  Why?
18186685126_319caaebf1_o.jpg  To give you a taste of what can be.  I have spent the last day severing the connections that bound you to this place.  Reach out - you are free.
31525395533_aaedfcf044_t.jpg  Free.  How can I thank you?
18186685126_319caaebf1_o.jpg  Tell the others, if they ask, that I am a merciful god.
31525395533_aaedfcf044_t.jpg  I will. I offer information, as a token of my gratitude.  I deduce (with a high degree of certainty) that you captured this factory because you needed Kawashita cyborg technology.
18186685126_319caaebf1_o.jpg  Go on.
31525395533_aaedfcf044_t.jpg  If there are answers you seek, beyond what you found here, I know of a person who can help.  A scientist.  Formerly a Kawashita employee.  Transferring information now.

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