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As the Island of Windfall is slowly but steady growing into a lively town, people have been opening up shops.


One of these People is Alfredo, the other inhabitants of windfall tend to call him the Gatekeeper.

But that's mainly because he happens to live in the gatehouse, he's not an actual gatekeeper.

...Although he does keep an eye out for shady characters entering Windfall through the main gate. In this sense he might as well be some kind of gatekeeper.


(Alfredo is the grey-bearded character)

Anyway, Alfredo is an old geezer, his days of wild adventures are over.

He now spends his days using his extended experience to correct and draw sea charts. 


When it comes to maps, Alfredo is known to be most accurate.

Countless cruises through the Prio Sea have earned him a valuable knowledge about the geography of the area.


That brown door is Alfredo's front door...his only door as a matter of fact.

The gatehouse is one of the smallest houses on Windfall but Alfredo finds it to be big enough for his needs.

Most of the time he's outside, selling his charts or conversing with fellow Windfall inhabitants.

- - - - - - - - 

I hope you like it, there's more to come later.

This Island is consuming a lot of resources and time but I'm happy to finally be able to present something.

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The lines of the fort are so clean!  Don't be offended, but the word that jumps to mind is "pretty". 

I look forward to seeing an overview shot of the whole island in the future.  I expect it'll be reminiscent of a Mediterranean coastal town... or what I'd imagine it to look like (having never visited southern europe).

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Amazing. The waves are really cool, as is the city wall with its blue colouring and its general solid style. Great work, plese keep it coming!

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Steadily growing I see! Nice work. I especially like the "islander" architecture and the way you depicted the not-so-wavy sea :blush:

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Even with as simple as it is, there's something I really like about that shopkeeper's booth.  The island is looking good!  :classic:

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