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I need help finding a piece

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I don't have any particular, specific piece in mind, but rather have a need that requires fulfilling. Simply put, I need some kind of a short-reach elevator piece, akin to a car's shocks, that allows bricks to rise and lower relative to a certain height, 'clicking' into place on both ends. I figured that was going to come out like a bunch of goobledegack, and it did, so I drew a picture:


I need what's in the dotted line - something that allows the piece on the left to transit up and down relative to the piece on the right, AND, hopefully, 'click' into place on both ends. Does this or something like it exist?

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Maybe 3 pairs of 1x2 hinge pieces with fork end hinges, but it would stick out quite a bit. 44301 + 44302

Or maybe a 3 piece with fork hinges if there's a middle double-ended hinge piece to make a "Z".

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