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Brandon Stark

[OL - Feb FB2] Acropolis Tavern

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32706232211_81df1853a3.jpgAcropolis Tavern by Brandon Stark, on Flickr

The Dubois Tavern in Acropolis is a relatively new addition. The tavern was bought by Brandon himself about a year ago, who leased it to a man named Pierre Dubois, the youngest son of a tavern owner from Valduria in the Old World. Seeing as he had no chance of inheriting, he moved to Acropolis, where he rented a property from Brandon, a building in close to the center of Acropolis with beautiful views of the sea. 

There, he established the Dubois Tavern, one of the first businesses in the settlement. Since then, he has married a local girl, and he has been making good money. Though the settlement is still small, the tavern is always bustling with the city's workers looking for a nice refreshment at the end of a work day. As he is currently exploring, Brandon has not been able to visit the tavern, but the account summaries have proven that the tavern is doing quite well.

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