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The Great Brick War - Phase 2 General Rules

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Welcome Back Troops!



Rules for Phase 2:


For Beginners-

  1. Choose a country - Pick a country that may have something in common with your build style, minifig accessory types, or parts availability for landscaping. It's important to note that this is round 2 of this game and a lot of players have worked hard to develop their countries. If you are joining a country that already has an established history, it is important to stay true to that and work in conjunction with any other players who may have already done this before. 

  2. Build your characters - You will tell the story of your country’s war effort during each campaign through the experiences of your characters. Your character should reflect their military. Obviously different militaries around the world share some similar uniforms so not everyone will have different looking figures. Your figures should share uniformity among them (ie. you should not have (2) soldiers in a squad with 1 wearing blue and then another in yellow.) With regard to color tones of minifigs - You can use yellow or flesh colored. This is a game, for fun. Do not misconstrue or attempt to make an issue out of anything with "race". We are depicting warfare with brick toys.

  3. Post an Intro in the introductory thread and introduce yourself. 

  4. Start Strategizing for the future. The more involved you are, the more there is to do. We have something for everyone here. 


How to play the game:

The First Version of the Great Brick War saw a large emphasis on Alliances and Campaigns. We have shifted focus away from that this time around. This time the game will be more focused on the individual. Side missions and solo campaigns will drive the game for the most part. When you want to build something, you can. Wanna build an Air Base? Go ahead! Show your planes attacking a country that slighted you? Even better. The choice is really yours and the more involved you are, the more you will be able to do and enjoy in the game. The story lines and scenarios are only a guide, the real purpose here is to build military themed MOCs that we all enjoy. 

The types of missions have largely remained the same, but the emphasis on certain ones and how you go about completing them has been modified slightly. 

Side missions -Limit 5 per month, 5 points max each one.  5 points needs to be a GREAT build!

All of the Side Missions are at the player's discretion. Side missions are a great ways to build your story, your characters, and earn points. Aside from Solo Operations, side missions are your open door to build what you want within the brick world. They are the meat and bones of building our world and setting the stage for future events. It is possible for side missions to influence the big picture of the game somehow. 

  1. Supporting the war effort- Players can depict scenes from their country where people are doing things to aid the war effort. Everything from military training to factory production of goods is fair game.

  2. Sabotage- Players can build scenes showing local resistance sabotaging the war effort of their enemies domestically. This is not a SPECOPS mission so there should be NO High Speed Tier 1 NVG guys running around with tricked out guns and Semtex. These are underground resistance fighters that your country might be arming or supporting. This is your build, but you're building in someone else's country. Don't build something that you would hate to see done to your country.

  3. Media- Players can build scenes showing the media covering outside events that are going on to enhance the game. This is a great way to introduce a narrative that may not directly have to do with your combat but to further your story. From a building standpoint, this really allows you a wide range of motion. 

  4. Troop Build Up / Movement- In order to move large concentrations of troops to other regions for the next campaign, players can build scenes showing their forces moving into a new position. Players who show their troops moving through another country's territory should ask for permission or that country might retaliate. 

  5. Reconnaissance- Players can depict their armies or foreign resistance groups conducting RECON of their enemies. Everything ranging from field positions to manufacturing plants is fair game. 

  6. Lord of War- Players show their country acquiring new vehicles, guns, or other weaponry from an arms manufacturer or trafficker. It is important to note, this build is not just to show off something you have purchased or a specific vehicle you have made. You must build an environment, develop a story, have something to do with a manufacturer or trafficker. Players who just put things on display with these builds will not score well.

  7. Escort and Patrol- Players are to make builds showing their forces either A. Escorting someone or something of a level of importance or B. Patrolling an area currently under their control.  Obviously combat is acceptable in a build like this, but 1. It Is Not Required and 2. Should not be a whole large scale battle. 

Side Mission builds Should be Titled as: [GBW] - Type of Side Mission - Nation - MOC TITLE 

Solo Operations- Limit of one at a time - worth up to 20 Points

We are hoping to make the new Solo Operations the core focus of our game. As players earn points doing their side missions, they can purchase a custom tailored Solo Operation. The staff will write a scenario based on their country, the global political climate and other factors. The scenario will unfold across the course of up to 3 missions; each with it's own guidelines and directives which will influence the next part of the operation. These missions will not count toward a building limit and you can purchase (one) Solo Operation at a time. The aim of the the Solo Operations will be to provide players with a variety of different mission types to really expand their building palette. 

Solo Operation will take a little longer in duration as there is more than one build and you will be given the guidelines for the next part of your mission after completing the first part. As such, you can only do one solo Operation at a time. 

Ssolo Mission builds Should be Titled as: [GBW] - Solo Operation - Nation - MOC TITLE 


Contract Missions

  • A list of known / suspected insurgents and their affiliates will be generated randomly throughout the game.  
  • Each target will have a description listed with criteria needed to capture them, the time frame to complete it, and what the cost is to take on the contract. 
  • Players post in the contract mission thread publicly to take on a contract.
  • Players have to do a build showing their team taking the target out with the above criteria.
  • Missions are Pass or Fail based on meeting the criteria required for the build
  • Extreme detail required for passing regardless of size. 
  • First come, First Serve.
  • Each player can only do (1) Per Month.
  • If one player fails to complete the mission, another player can attempt the same mission. 
  • Build does not count towards side build limit.
  • Points and perks are awarded for passing builds. 
  • Build title should be formatted as (GBW) HUNT - YOUR NAME - MONTH/YEAR - TARGET #. EXAMPLE (GBW) HUNT - BEEZE - JANUARY 18, TARGET 02 

Spec OPs Missions

These will be detailed and oriented missions specifically tailored to the player and the status of the overall game at that time. Staff will issue the missions and Task #s. Players who earn these missions need to produce higher quality builds. Spec OPs should look the part. No Star Wars minifigs running around here. If you can't do it justice, don't do it at all. Point worth to TBD case by case basis

Spec Ops Mission builds should be titled as: [GBW] - Spec OPs - Task # - MOC TITLE

FRAGO Missions

FRAGO Missions are changes to the normal Operation Order. At times, staff may flash a FRAGO Mission out to an alliance, both alliances, or single nations. Players will have a limited amount of time to respond and volunteer for a FRAGO Mission. Once a player has responded and confirmed their participation in a FRAGO Mission, they will have a limited amount of time to complete it. FRAGO Missions do count toward the 4 Limit of side builds in between campaigns. FRAGO scoring will be on the same scale as side builds (0 - 4).

FRAGO builds should be titled as [GBW] - FRAGO - Order # - MOC TITLE


Note on the Smaller builds- Players are always encouraged to make quality builds, not just pump out the maximum number of allowable builds. Do not produce a build that looks like you did it in 5 minutes for the sake of "enhancing the story" and expect to earn points for it. Players who repeatedly produce MOCs of poor quality at a rapid pace and disregarding advice to improve on their builds will be warned by the staff regarding the situation. Failure to turn things around will result in point deductions or failure to earn points on future builds. 



1. Campaigns will be large, planned scenarios that will be built by the staff. Campaigns will require the largest and most detailed builds that you will do in this game. As such they will be worth the most points. There will be 4 Campaigns per year. 

2. Points may be penalized for not following guidelines. Builds will be scored on a scale from 0-30. A score of “0” is minimal effort (A minifig on a plate). A score of 30 is an exceptional build (detailed minifigures in a scene, with vehicles, terrain, and scenery, containing a story utilizing top notch building techniques). Achieving a score of 30 will be reserved for the highest quality builds. 

3. A player’s entry for a Campaign will need to be posted in a thread of it’s own following the respective titling guidelines and by the appropriate due date. Once the due date has passed, the builds will be scored. You are free to edit them prior to the due date.  

4. Each build a player completes for a campaign should be original. Players will be penalized points during scoring if they use the same builds for multiple campaigns or alternative missions. Vehicles and minifigs are the exception to the rule, but not to be taken advantage of; strive for variation. Buildings and landscapes must be original.

6. The outcome of the Campaigns will be affected by points earned. In some scenarios, the outcome may directly affect where the game goes from there or give players a choice of options. 

Campaign builds need to be titled as follows: [GBW] - CP # - Nation - MOC TITLE

[GBW] = Great Brick War
CP # = Campaign number
Nation = Your Nation
Moc Title = What you've decided to call your build


LDD builds: players are allowed to use LDD for their MOCs. However, LDD builds will be held to a substantially higher standard. With an unlimited supply of bricks and faux color palette, you should be able to build the most detailed build of all time. That said, you will have to work very hard with LDD to achieve a high point score.



If you do not post a link to your build in the AAR thread, it will NOT be scored. 


Diplomacy & News

Trade deals, treaties, and international agreements help build up the premise of the game. Players have a unique ability to further their nations and enhance the overall story of the game by engaging in active diplomacy. Players can seek diplomatic and political solutions to problems they encounter in the Brick of Nations thread. It is important to note, you will need to make a formal declaration of War against another country in the Brick of Nations before engaging in open warfare with other countries. All posting there is to be in character. See that thread for more details.

The story will also be furthered through the use of the media. In addition to any media builds players can produce, staff will sporadically put out stories via the BBN Thread. The top reporters in the brick world work diligently on bringing you the most up to date information that can directly affect the game. 



Player builds will be scored by a panel. The judges will each issue 3 scores based on the following:

1. Level of Detail- Does the building have features to it? is there texture? does the background have individual features to it? Is the terrain varied and articulated from prior builds?
2. Presentation- Are we able to see all of the features of the build clearly? How are the pictures? Is it well lit? A decent background which doesnt detract from the build? Are the pictures taken from different perspectives to show the whole build? Minifigure positioning? Is there a clear perspective in mind with the build?
3. Level of Effort- Have we seen better from this player? Has their skill steadily increased? Have they taken advice and direction from staff and other players on how to improve? Is this repetitive?  

A player's score for a build will be calculated by the average of the (3) Judge's scores encompassing the above criteria. The exception is campaigns which each judge is responsible for 10 points adding up to a possible 30 points total. 


Player Credit Expenditures

As you earn credits doing things in the game, you will earn the ability to unlock other features and purchase in game perks. 

  • As players earn points through out the game, they can spend them like money.
  • Every point earned = 1 credit
  • Spending credits does NOT effect a players rank.
  • All requests for Credit Expenditures must be handled via private message with the staff.

The following Expenditures are Available for Use:

1. Purchase a solo campaign- player is given a solo campaign written by the staff that will span a certain length (length determined by the staff). These builds do not effect player's side build quota. Solo campaigns will be simply scored as pass or fail. Pass earns 20 points - Cost 5 Credits

2. Creation of propaganda post on the BBN- A player contacts the staff with a request for a post on the BBN. The player needs to convey the general message of what they want to the staff. If acceptable, the staff will create a BBN Post. - Cost 10 Credits

3. Ability to purchase Intel for a campaign- Each Campaign will have a defined number of Intel Packets available for purchase and the number will be stated when the campaign is posted. Intel is available on a first come, first serve basis. If a campaign has only 2 pieces of intel and the other team purchases them first, they are gone. - TBD Each Campaign



Though it is a fictitious world, we will aim to keep this as realistic and as close to modern military themes as possible. Players can use weapons, vehicles, and equipment from any modern military they would like; especially using real designations (ie. F/A 18 Super Hornet) as long as they do not contain references to real world countries.

Players can only use real LEGO brand building parts for things like buildings and landscapes. NO COMPETITOR (MEGABLOK) OR CLONE BRAND (LEPIN) BRICK BUILDING PARTS. 

Minifigure, building accessories, and vehicle customization is not only allowed, but encouraged, through personal customization or the use of third party brands such as:

Brick Warriors
Combat Brick
Eclipse Grafx
Modern Brick Warfare
Tiny Tactical

Use of vehicle kits from companies like Brickmania is allowed, but players must give credit in their post about it. This goes even if you did some mods to it. If you didn't build it from scratch, give credit where it's due. 


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