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Hi Everyone!

This is a new topic to share your LEGO Batman Movie MOC. Enjoy it! :)

Here is my first two LEGO Batman Movie moc:




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On 2017. 02. 08. at 10:08 PM, legofanbubba said:

Those are great!

Thank you, my Friend! ;)

On 2017. 02. 09. at 4:20 AM, JACKATTACKS said:

Very nice!


3 hours ago, Thelegodan said:

Your latest moc has to he my favorite. It's honestly superb!

Thank you, guys! :))) I appreciate that!

20 hours ago, VaderFan2187 said:

Wow!! I really like the way you did the walls, @fuggoo!

Thanks, and here is a pic, view from the top. :classic:


Aaand here is my next MOC, Batman's Kitchen...



Daily pics on my instagram or flickr account.

Edited by fuggoo

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6 hours ago, FTG Prime said:

Man that kitchen is soooo good !! great job on all of these

Thank you, Buddy! :))

Here is the overall view:


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