[MOC´s] Micro scaled Star Wars vehicles and vessels.

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15/2-2017 The force(s) are getting bigger:


Begun to build a diorama for all the moc´s.
Added the Millinium falcon as well. Running out of smaller vessel´s to build.


8/2-2017 .. The beginning for me building Star Wars :

Had some fun tablescrapping an X-Wing, being my first actual Star Wars MOC.

I need to practice Star Wars builds a lot as Im totally noob here.:laugh:

Im pretty happy with the result at this scale.

Enough talk, here it is:  



Please do leave comments, and indeed suggestions for any changes I could make . :classic:



EDIT: Changed topic title, as I figured Im gonna make quite a few micro scaled vessel´s and vehicle´s, as Im having so much fun with it.
           So Im just gonna put everything in here as I progress. 

Edited by KlodsBrik
More vessels and vehicles to come.

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2 hours ago, VaderFan2187 said:

@KlodsBrik Inventive piece usage, cute size, and nice proportions. Love it!


1 hour ago, Ellisss_2 said:

Love the piece used for the nose, looks great!

Thanks ! :classic:

Im guessing this is one lipstick, Imperial forces don´t want to get to close to their lips. :tongue:


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Yet another tablescrap.

This is so much fun. Really relaxing making these. 

Today I made an Zeta Class - Transport shuttle:


Now, im not to satisfied with the wings. They seem to small for the scale ( working with a scale at 1 stud´s hight, equals 9 feet or 3 meters ).
I would love them to be 8 stud high wing pieces, but I didn´t have the four that I needed. :hmpf_bad:
So they  entered my list for whenever Im gonna make my next bricklink order, and these are gonna stay on till then.

Otherwise Im pretty happy with the result at this scale.




Started on making some sort of diorama for all the forces: 


Made a few more X-Wing´s.
Also a few tie fighters, though Im not that happy with those.
However at this scale It´s quite hard to make them look like the real deal. 
At some point in the future I will decide what to keep and change offcourse. But for now they both survive till I figure better out which part´s will fit better.

So, time to decide what to build next .... So much to choose from ! :sceptic:

Please leave comments, positive or negative. If you have ideas for what I could change with my builds, would be much appreciated. :classic:


Edited by KlodsBrik

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1 hour ago, VaderFan2187 said:

@KlodsBrik looks awesome! I actually think the wings look okay, just a little bit narrow maybe.

I thought the same. So at first I remade the wings to be 4 studs width. But due to the scale they just became to wide. So this actually look´s more correct.
Unfortunately I didn´t take pictures of the 4 stud wing model to show. 

And thanks for the feedback. :classic:

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12 hours ago, Ellisss_2 said:

The shuttle is epic, you have captured it brilliantly!


7 hours ago, JACKATTACKS said:

Really love that shuttle and the orange details at the bottom!

Thanks a lot both of you.
The more I look at it myself, thinking of what could be changed with it, im getting more and more pleased with the result myself. 

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On 10/2/2017 at 10:28 AM, Khaled Yousef said:

Wow, love those micro scale ships, especially the Zeta Class, it just looks epic. Keep them coming.

Thank´s. :classic:

Today an Lambda Class - Imperial shuttle:






It´s a liitle big bigger than the scale im trying to keep with all these micro builds, but im sort of glad with it. :classic:


Comments and criticism appreciated as always.


Edited by KlodsBrik

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Had to build the iconic Millinium falcon at some point, and just got my hands on the forms. From there everything just flowed.
 I found myself doing the exact opposite of what I first intended when  I started getting back into building micro scale the last couple of week´s.

This project if you will, was all about getting back to basic, and just building, not thinking to much about "how the real deal" look.
More about just tablescrapping building from imagination.

Therefore the falcon is an interpretation from my imagination, from me having fun building as an "artist".


Have begun building the diorama for all these moc´s as well ...

Sorry about the picture quality. Seem´s like there is something wrong with my camera. It doesn´t focus correctly, or the pictures end´s up blurred. :hmpf_bad:


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12 hours ago, VaderFan2187 said:

Lovely diorama @KlodsBrik! :wub_drool: The only thing I would change are the TIEs. Their wings look a little strange to me.

Yeah, im not happy with the wing´s as well ... Just havent figured out yet which pieces would fit them better. :sadnew:

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