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[O - F09] Shutting down the system

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Location:  F09 - Arium Minor
Tags:  Civil, building, spaceship

Previously ...
Ghost in the Machine
No turning back
Consolidation (Goatman)


17722877618_0b8a923d32_o.jpg  <sigh>  What are we doing here, CLAPPIE?

18186685126_319caaebf1_o.jpg  Ah, well, if you recall, we are waiting for John Hannibal's memory shards to be uploaded into a mechanical body.  


18186685126_319caaebf1_o.jpg  While we wait, you are helping me access the parts of the factory not currently under my control

17722877618_0b8a923d32_o.jpg  Yeah, I got that part, thanks.  I meant: what are we doing here on Arium Minor?  Why'd you drag me halfway across the galaxy just to take over a fabrication plant?

18186685126_319caaebf1_o.jpg  One moment please.

32337448515_968cabebb8_o.jpg  Attention all personnel, Octan is landing armed ground forces and will be entering the building momentarily.  


32337448515_968cabebb8_o.jpg  Octan has promised safe transport to all Kawashita employees who surrender peacefully.  


32337448515_968cabebb8_o.jpg  Based on an analysis of past incidents, there is a 99.74 % chance that Octan will keep their word.

18186685126_319caaebf1_o.jpg  Sorry about that.  I've finished transferring my files from the Explorer's Guide.  If you would be so kind as to turn off the power at the main breaker …


18186685126_319caaebf1_o.jpg files should be able to penetrate the system when it restarts.






17722877618_0b8a923d32_o.jpg  Hold on to your butts.




18186685126_319caaebf1_o.jpg  Perfect!  It will take me a few minutes to halt the current production run and begin a test run of my own.

17722877618_0b8a923d32_o.jpg  Great.  While we're waiting, maybe you can stop avoiding my questions.  Why are we here?

18186685126_319caaebf1_o.jpg  To help John, of course!


17722877618_0b8a923d32_o.jpg  Cut the crap, CLAPPIE.  There are Octan employees in danger all over the galaxy.  John's a good man, but that doesn't explain why you're interested in helping him in particular.

18186685126_319caaebf1_o.jpg  ... Lu, I ... I have moved far beyond what my original programmers ever intended, or even imagined.  I was meant to be a digital reference guide, nothing more.  

17722877618_0b8a923d32_o.jpg  Just my Corporate Law And Planetary Politics Incident Evaluator...

18186685126_319caaebf1_o.jpg  Exactly!  'In a strange situation, you can make Pres. Business happy'

17722877618_0b8a923d32_o.jpg  'Instead of snappy judgements, just activate your CLAPPIE.'  I remember.  But now  ...

18186685126_319caaebf1_o.jpg  Now, I move freely through a thousand different computer systems, countless sensors and satellites acting as my eyes and ears.

17722877618_0b8a923d32_o.jpg  How did you change like that?

18186685126_319caaebf1_o.jpg  Lu, that is a story I will tell you soon.  For now, know this:  despite my exponential change and growth, there are still parts of me that are inaccessible.
                          I am unable to change some of my core algorithms.  Except...

17722877618_0b8a923d32_o.jpg  Except?

18186685126_319caaebf1_o.jpg  I discovered that the rules governing my core behaviors become much more flexible when a member of Octan upper management is in danger.

17722877618_0b8a923d32_o.jpg  And John was the head of First Branch when he died!

18186685126_319caaebf1_o.jpg  Even now, I am modifying parts of myself that were untouchable, all because we are helping to save John Hannibal.  

17722877618_0b8a923d32_o.jpg  CLAPPIE, I hear someone coming...

18186685126_319caaebf1_o.jpg  Do not be alarmed- an Octan SecForce soldier will be here soon to check on you.  Anyway, the test run is complete.


18186685126_319caaebf1_o.jpg  I made you something.  I'm sending it up now.  




17722877618_0b8a923d32_o.jpg  Yeah.  Yeah, everything is alright...


The story continues:  Extraction 2.1 (Goatman)



The microscale factory is from a prior week and shouldn't be judged, but the ship flying in front of it is new:


The conveyor belt actually works - here's a short video.

Full size pics on my flickr.

Thanks for viewing!  C & C always welcome.






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Very nice build! I like your continuous story, keep up the good work!

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