[Set revamp] Stone Tower Bridge

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Hey all!

For round 3 of The Tourney, I had to redesign a castle set, and I went for set 6089.
Here's my version:

32735409425_e14c4dc620_z.jpgTT17 R3: Stone Tower Bridge 

32612031531_9421ffe25b_z.jpgTT17 R3: Stone Tower Bridge 


When I saw the categories of this round of the Tourney, I really liked it, but I totally didn't know what set to choose, as I don't really have a set I really liked from my childhood.(because I'm quite young, and haven't owned the classic castle sets...) So I took a look at the list of castle sets, and came along this set. And from the first look, I liked it. I really like the composition and the overall look of the set. But I think the top part of the tower and the part beneath the roof of the arch is a huge mess, and looks like some random bricks are put together... But hey, that makes for a perfect set to revamp!

There are a lot of choices I made while redesigning the set, from wich I'll describe the most important ones below:
The horsecart is a complete rebuild, but isn't that interesting for the revamp imho, but I wanted to add it, as I liked it in the original set.
As for the arch, I really liked the roof or the arch, and wanted to keep the same design for it, but after all I changed it too, as I wanted to use the same roofstructure as on teh main tower. this way, it complements better together.
The columns of the rch I totally changed, as I really hated it in the original set. I changed it to the red poles and beam, inspired by asian architecture, to give it a more 'ninja-style' look. 
I made the ramp longer, so it's less steep. The second reason for it is, that I now have 2 16x16's as a base, which I prefered over 2 different sizes.
The bridge is, in looks, quite similar to the set, as the only 'big' change is the addition of the red poles in the border of the bridge. 
The biggest changes are in the main tower of the set, As the top is a complete change from the set. I sticked with the shape of the roofs, and the 'watchtower' in between, but used completely different techniques for it, what resutls in a, in my opinion, way better look. I decided to co for the red beams, where in the set, you can find black ones.
The 4 pillars are also changes, but I sticked with the red parts at the top and at the bottom of the pillars, as that made it look like the walls in the set itself.
The biggest change I made at the bottem of the tower, as I removed the huge rock, and changed it to the same angled wall, as beneath the arch. I think it capture the look of a 'fortress' way better than with the rocks. The second reason is that in the set, some lbg slopes are used to make it look like the angled wall is behind the rock. But it doen's look that great in my opinion, so I decided to do it this way.
To keep the feeling that it's build on rocks, I changed the ugly green base for the dbg base, and added some small rocks beside the ramps.

I think these are the biggest choices I made while building. If you have questions about another part, feel free to ask!

While redesigning the set, I also looked to te functions and I think I got all of them!
On the photo below you can see them:
list of functions:
1. The cart can be opened, to hide some katana's
2. beneath the arch is a bar, to let the gray ninja hide from the samurai
3. If you take out a bar, in the top part of the tower, some dangerous flighing axes will come down.
4. If you take out a bar from the side of the bridge, a trap will open and you will fall down to whatever is beneath.
5. at the bottom of the tower is a secret storage place, where I put some silver...
6. The Tower, bridge and arch can be separated into 3 seperate parts!

32612030891_dcf711709c_z.jpgTT17 R3: Stone Tower Bridge 

Bonus shot of the roofs:

31892347384_d728f2dec7_z.jpgTT17 R3: Stone Tower Bridge 

I hope you enjoy my revamp of this set! C&C always welcome!

Have a nice day,


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Wow, I love the whole thing! It's great that you integrated the play functions of the original set. If only TLG made some sets like this. :laugh: 

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I was not into LEGO when the Ninja sets were available, so I always forget all about these sets.

This seems to capture the original and add in so much more. I had to go to brickset just to see images of what set you were trying to rebuild, but side by side I can definitely see the likeness and can see your MOC is superior.

Good luck in the contest. Is this on classic castle?

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This is a most excellent build.  And with 3 Shredders, those turtles sure have their work cut out for them!

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This is awesome! I love the limited color palette you worked with. And the technique you used for the curved roofs is incredible! I don't really like the texture of the walkway, though. This certainly looks much more beautiful than the original set. Great work!

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Love this, Ninja was one of my favorite themes. You really transformed the original making it totally different yet still recognizable. (Just not a fan of the shredder helmets)

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