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Bastion docks...

Two grizzled longshoremen work to load the Nemesis... as a cargo ship! What's afoot?

Longshoreman 1: I still don't understand. I thought the Nemesis was going to be a raider - a 36 gun ship!

Longshoreman 2: Well, yes, she is, but right now there just aren't enough guns available here, so the owners (whoever they are) have decided to fit her out for trade this season. She looks fearsome enough, and she has her upper deck carronades, so I think any pirates or privateers will stand well clear.

Longshoreman 1: But it doesn't stand to reason, I say. Why, over at the ordnance yard there are more than enough guns. What does she fit? 12 pounders - there must be at least 30 of them over there, and she only needs 26.

Longshoreman 2: Oh, no, those guns are spoken for. Already sold to, um... Captain Moldybeard.


Longshoreman 1: I've never heard of any Captain Moldybeard, but I'll take your word for it, I suppose. Still, I don't really understand. If the owners were able to finance such a large, splendid vessel, they should have been able to obtain guns for her. That's not the only ordnance yard, and the foundry is right across the bay.

Longshoreman 2: Oh, yes, the foundry. Unfortunately, there's an iron shortage on the island. No iron available anywhere. Can't cast any guns.

Longshoreman 1: Well, surely they would have fitted bronze cannon in that case. They're not as durable, but they do shoot true.

Longshoreman 2: No bronze either.


Longshoreman 1: No bronze either...? You know, I could swear that Nemesis actually had all her guns when she was fitting out. Where did they go?

Longshoreman 2: Uh... well, that's because she wasn't in commission.

Longshoreman 1: I don't understand.

Longshoreman 2: Well, before she was in commission, she could have 36 guns and there wouldn't be any... problems.

Longshoreman 1: What do you mean... problems?


Longshoreman 2: Okay, I'm going to level with you, but you cannot tell ANYONE. It's impossible to commission a ship with that many guns.

Longshoreman 1: What do you mean impossible?

Longshoreman 2: Well, if you did, the universe would explode. Do you want the universe to explode? I don't want the universe to explode.

Longshoreman 1: Of course I don't want the universe to explode. Why would the universe explode?

Longshoreman 2: Because it's not supported, that's why!

Longshoreman 1: Not supported? Is that why the ship isn't fully laden? The holds are half empty and we're nearly done.


Longshoreman 2: Yes, it's also not supported to load more than this exact amount of cargo in any given ship, no matter how big the holds are. Now, this conversation never happened, okay? Otherwise... explosions!

Longshoreman 1: What conversation?


I felt it was necessary to have a vignette to justify underlicensing the Nemesis as a 5F temporarily. This is it.

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Fourth wall, You're breaking the fourth wall! :pir-oh:

This was fun to read, thank you. Those are some rather well informed stevedores though. 

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Oh, the mystery is killing me!! Nice dialog hooking us up for the next episode...! And I also love the posing of the sailors with the trade goods (whatever that might be...)

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Lol!  Sea Rats have the best stories!

I am also envious of that gorgeous decking and inner hull.  The old grey tiles are a great choice.


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