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Presenting my LEGO BrickHeadz interpretation of the Dancing Groot from Guardians Of The Galaxy (2014)

32644969396_27599c8d49_z.jpgDancing Groot by Adeel Zubair, on Flickr



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Feedback and criticism is much appreciated.


Edited by Adeel Zubair

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4 minutes ago, SpiderJazz said:

Ughhhh this is soooooo cute! It could have been perfect if we have accurate colors of the hinge piece.

Thanks! 70904 - Clayface Splat Attack has the hinge plate in brown so that helps but the actual bearing doesn't, I might use the lighter brown / flesh ones included with that set too or just stick to black.

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14 hours ago, SpiderJazz said:

Nice! Probably you can change the eyes to the actual Brickheadz eyes because that's so adorable. 

Yup, I may post an updated version once they are released.


7 hours ago, RM0B said:

That's really awesome, how long did it take to make


Thanks, the sketch was done last Monday and it was built within a couple of hours on LEGO Digital Designer the same day. Throughout I spent week trying to perfect the design.

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