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[MOD] Ninjago Earth Dragon modern re-make with brick-built head

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I really like the new ninjago dragons, the one with brick-built heads, and try to collect them all. But there wasn't any cool dragon for Cole (the tiny one doesn't count :wink:). So I decided to update the old set from 2011.

Here is a link to the mod page, with instructions. 

Anyway LMK what you think, I built the thing in real bricks and then made the design in LDD. Do you also want to see pictures of the real thing? I don't have all the right colors, so it won't look quite as nice...


Edited by Sir Wolf
Adding mod imge.

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17 minutes ago, SerenityInFire said:

That's a pretty nice mod.  Anyway, if you just copy and paste the image URL into your post, the image will appear.

Thanks! :) Oh wow! Like magic! :laugh: Thanks!

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