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[K - F09] Down the Rabbit Hole Part 3

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Location: F09 Arium Minor
Tags: Vehicle, Land Vehicle

Last time, in Ender's story:

Season 1

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Down the Rabbit Hole
Down the Rabbit Hole Part 2

32505028651_1f674cd9e9_t.jpg What do you mean you've lost track of Ender?

32505028761_63982e27ac_t.jpg He didn't report in while surveying Arium Minor,,,

32505028651_1f674cd9e9_t.jpg Wait, I thought he was on Marden?

32505028761_63982e27ac_t.jpg No, that was interference from the aliens.

32505028651_1f674cd9e9_t.jpg Anyway, so he didn't report in?

32505028761_63982e27ac_t.jpg Right, and now our only lead is down a gaping hole.

32505028651_1f674cd9e9_t.jpg He need him Rose. Get down there and find him.

32505028761_63982e27ac_t.jpg Yes mum.

32505028651_1f674cd9e9_t.jpg And stop calling me while I'm driving!

AG Speeder


AG Speeder


AG Speeder


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