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New Players' Quick Start Guide to BoBS

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So, you've been tempted to give BoBS a shot, but the whole thing is huge and you're trying to work out how to jump in now.

Firstly, for now ignore the Introduction and Starting thread.

To start, just create a primary character and backstory and go for it. You'll also need to pick a faction. Deciding on a faction can be a difficult decision. The first couple of posts in each of the faction threads are a good starting point. No need to read further than the first page however. The differences between them can be summarized as below:

Corrington: Redcoats (inspired mainly so far by elements of historic Great Britain). Science and the enlightenment are main focuses for Corrington, and their main income is from their strong merchant fleet. Of course a dependence on merchants has meant a focus on a strong navy to protect them. Thus far they have preferred diplomacy over force. They have bonuses for educational buildings and factories.

Oleon: Bluecoats (inspired mainly so far by elements of historic France). Religion, the arts and culture are the main focuses for Oleon. They also have developed a decent merchant fleet and a strong navy. Like Corrington, they seem to favor diplomacy over force. Although Oleon and Corrington were supposed to be bitter rivals, relations have been amicable thus far. Oleon has bonuses for art/culture buildings.

Eslandola: Greenbacks (inspired by elements of historic Spain/Portugal, The Netherlands, and even sometimes trade republics like Venice, Milan or Lubeck). Their politics can appear chaotic, at times they appear more like a confederation of merchant barons. A trio of very powerful trade companies are the power brokers. Eslandola has bonuses for commercial buildings, and the trade companies each have unique monopoly bonuses.

Sea Rats: Basically your wildcard. These men and women have rejected the 'civilized' societies and make their own way in the new world, owing allegiance to no central authority. Some try to pursue legitimate businesses, others live a life of plunder and piracy. Pretty much room here for any flavor of character you like. Sea Rats have cheaper ship licenses and bonuses for artisan buildings.

Of course these are just general impressions.

For a little more info on the game, go to the thread linked below; everything you need is linked there.

The basics of the maritime component of the economic game system (EGS) can be found here:

The basics for the land based component of the economic game system can be found here:

Again, you don't have to participate in the EGS, or you can opt to jump in at a later date.

Anyway, I hope this has helped and not confused matters! If you have questions, ask them in the Introduction thread or, if the questions are specific to a faction, you can also ask them in the corresponding faction thread.

I think if you can choose a faction, the best thing would just be to create a character and work it out as you go. We'll all help out when it comes to licensing your first ship/property! And there are plenty of tycoons around to loan/donate some doubloons to get you started!

Go here for a step-by-step guide to choosing a faction, getting your first ship, etc.


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