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Full disclosure: I built this last spring and it never quite looked right to me, however I *knew* there would eventually be a real Lego kit for this scene. There had to be. Watching the movie in the theatre for the first time, it seemed obvious. Seems like rathtars were going to be the "weird beast" of episode 7 and there's no way Lego would overlook this. So I threw together this sketch model version of this scene as a placeholder in my collection under the real one came along.

Having finally viewed the prelim box an hour ago I was pleased to see the differences and similarities in my own model. But... my rathtar is homely. I know this! Just using bits of red lying about that I didn't have plans for. Hopefully the real one(s)! in the new kit are big enough to eat minifigs. Although we got a preview of a sweet looking mould from the Lego Video Game, it appears as though this summer's official kit (75180) will have brick built rathtars. Hopefully it looks right. The great news is we are getting two of them. 

Opinions and crits on this build welcome. 


Here's the look/feel of the playset. I did at one point have a middle piece with a 8x8 grilled floor on top of some macaroni pieces but I had to raid/scuttle it for another build. It was to be the bit where Finn and Rey go into the crawlspace.


Bala-Tik and the Guavian Death Troopers! The hatch is closed behind them. Can't recall where I raided his head - something from Lone Ranger, I think.


Top view with a flash gives some more detail of the rathtar tentacles and some of the piping inside the Eravana. Would love to build a System scale Eravana someday.... hmmm. I know there isn't quite this much yellow in the Eravana but I had a lot of useless yellow pieces that I felt could work here.


Bala-tik custom, stand-in Guavian Death Troopers with old Han and Chewie. Of course I'm using the old school red space helmets... I was thinking of adding the dot in the middle of the face but the real thing will be here soon enough. It's very nice to have minifigs stand-ins where you can.


Rathtar coming down the hallway. If I really believed in this build I would have made one of the enclosures for the beats. King Prawna would be so disappointed to receive only one!


Messing around with these macaroni pieces with the curved wall pieces - I was surprised to see that they fit together so well!


Close up of the rathtar's mouth.


Rathtar side view.


Stand-in Guavian won't fit in the rathtar's mouth. 


"Tell that to Kanjiklub, etc." 

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