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Hey guys!

I want to present to you my 2nd 1:1 scale replica of a household item, this time an electric jigsaw with a reciprocating blade. It's the cordless version and my inspiration are the awesome Black & Decker tools.

As motorizing goes, it's quite fast, considering the blade is moved using an RC buggy motor. It holds the big battery box in the base and a switch is placed in the handle, in order to operate it.
I also added a fake speed trigger, blade removal clamp and cutting guide bar.

Although it's powerful, it's perfectly safe for children, as that Bionicle blade cannot even shred toilet paper or napkins, believe me, I tried :)







And yes, it has a presentation video:

If you want to see more, check out my Flickr album:

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Thanks guys, I really appreciate it. What's cool that it also won the RoLUG Household Tools contest, so I am very pleased.

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