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Previously in the story:

Bull's Eye (Prelude)

This still takes place long before Raavage

Davok: "We gathered our forces rather quick, and then marched for Falconstone. The supply train would arrive later, 'cause I wanted my vanguard to move freely.".

"We were only halfway through the Frozen River fords, when some riders blocked our path."


31708191623_e6dffe9165_z.jpgUnpleasant encounter (1) by David de Rijke, on Flickr

"Three riders from unknown origin where standing in the river. One of them was their leader, obviously. He seemed to be some sort of wizard scum, given his hat and his staff from which icy sparks were coming. Never liked this kind.. The worst part, was their faces. They did not seem to have any..."

"The wizard could speak, however. Immediatly when we saw these fellows, I raised my shield and took a defensive position. I saw my men do the same while my chieftains looked at me what to do. But the wizard told us about that messenger I spoke at the Bull's Eye. He said they were sent to help us. They lowered their weapons to prove it. I started to get an uneasy feeling about this whole mission. Who was our client, and why did he venture with wizards of this kind? Might he be some sort of wizard himself? And WHO is this stranger, if his value is so big these... powers... are sent in to deal with it?"

32140969700_c92661e7b7_z.jpgUnpleasant encounter (2) by David de Rijke, on Flickr


(speedbuild. Did not have too many snow-detail pieces available because the siege itself is coming up soon and it is my biggest build to date.)

(These fellas have nothing to do with the nocturnian resistance, these torso's just seemed to fit best.


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Good work, dathil!

I agree that the photography and posing are very nice!  (The new camera is a great improvement)  The trans-clear water looks nice for a shallow spot to cross!  I am looking forward to more of the story.

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