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[O - F09] Consolidation

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Location: Arium Minor - F09

Tags: Civil Building, Spaceship, Vehicle, Land Vehicle

Extraction 1.1

Extraction 1.2

Extraction 1.3

Extraction 1.4

Extraction 1.5

The Ghost in the Machine (LucasLaughing)

Above the newly acquired factory on Arium Minor, a Kawashita shuttle approaches with portions of John Hannibal's personality and four droids carrying the few memories he has been able to extract through the Kawashita intelligence network.

[Extract 1] "Bring it in over the ice and we'll walk in. I want to see how the new security drones are working out. CLAPPIE says they've all but eliminated the Zoid problem and freed all of the slaves running the planet's infrastructure, like that lighthouse ahead."


The micro factory in the background belongs to Lucas.










Octan security drone. Manufactured by CLAPPIE to clear out the entrenched Zoids on Arium Minor. The large radar in the front guides the drone as it dives on unsuspecting operatives and rips them apart with it's long arms.



Kawashita autopilot.


Kawashita shuttle from the Fascini Cluster.




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Love the look and tone of the pictures. The purple and pink color splashes have such impact! Love the lighthouse and ship, not completely sure on the yellow on the ship personally, but the whole thing is really well built.

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