Bulk Lego Lot: An adventure in Lego archaeology

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I bought a large lot off of OfferUp two weeks ago. It was 95% loose pieces and had a bunch of partial Star Wars sets, but I wasn't feeling much confidence that there was enough to reassemble any full sets. However, last weekend the seller contacted me to let me know that she has found a second big bag of Lego while cleaning out the garage and asked if I was interested. I picked that up as well, and found that many of the pieces were from the same sets as the first lot! 

I suspect I'll be able to recover at least a couple of large sets from the lot. It came out to be about 20lbs total for 100USD.

From unique pieces, I have at least partials of the following sets:

  • 8039: Venator-Class Republic Attack Cruiser
  • 7662: Trade Federation MTT
  • 4482-1: AT-TE
  • 8019: Republic Attack Shuttle
  • 8088: ARC-170 Starfighter
  • 8056: Monster Crab Clash
  • 8941: Rockoh T3 (Bionicle)
  • 4611: Police HQ (Jack Stone) 
  • 7676: Republic Attack Gunship
  • 8097: Slave I (3rd edition)
  • 6097: Night Lord's Castle
  • 7659: Imperial Landing Craft

So far I have managed to reassemble Slave-1. I'm only missing the cockpit windscreen, the minifigs, and two bley mailboxes (which I subbed with some white ones I had on hand.)


I'll follow up to this post with anything else I manage to reassemble. So far the Venator looks like the next most likely candidate.

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Managed to assemble this much of the Venator before running out of the correct Technic liftarms. Aside from that, the set looks mostly complete so I figure it's worth bricklinking the missing parts


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