TLBM : Upgraded Security Booth from "Scarecrows Special Delivery"

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A few Day ago i showed you my Mod (although,very heavily modified) of the Security Booth from the aforementioned Set.

It`s finally done,
this little Project was based on the little halfway done Booth from the Scarecrow Special Delivery Set.I liked the Vehicle and the Minifigures,but that odd little Building wasn`t really to my liking,so i thought about extending it.
Last Week i found these two printed Roofslopes and that sealed the Deal "modifying that Booth and using the Roofslopes.
The Building now has four enclosed Walls,a Door and is filled with Clutter and Equipment to make it more comfy for the Security Guard.
The large Desk contains Computers,Switches and even a big red Button to trigger the Alarm,just in Case something goes wrong at the Gotham Energy Facility.
You can also find a small Filecloset with a Plant on top of it and some Handcuffs,a Gun and a Walkie Talkie.Small Details on the Outside like the Access Pad and the Alarm Siren add some Realism.
I hope you really liked my newest Creation,Comments are welcome.
"Grappling Hook Action"


"Help,all Units come to the Entrance.....forget it,call Batman!!!"



"Yay Batman,we got the Bad Buy!How `bout Ice Cream now?"


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11 hours ago, VaderFan2187 said:

Looks good! I adore those roof pieces! :wub:

I`m glad to see you like it.Yeah,those Roofpieces are amazing,aren`t they?One was slightly bend and cracked but you don`t see the Crack because it`s on the "Inside" of the Roof,the Area where both Roofslopes meet each other.

It was hard to add Plates under the warped Piece,i had to add them in a certain Order or it wouldn`t fit.Also i used some yellowed grey Pieces that match the yellowed / aged grey Roofslopes.

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