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[O - E11] Extraction 1.5

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Location: The Fascini Cluster - E11

Tags: Spaceship (interior)

Extraction 1.1

Extraction 1.2

Extraction 1.3

Extraction 1.4

Aboard a Kawashita warship passing through the Fascini Cluster.

[Extract 1 (ponytail Lobot)] "Let's get 1.7 and 1.8 uploaded into these bots. Extract 2, what're those three?"

[Extract 2 (surveyor drone: Hannibal's combat training)] "Mostly human, not enough cybernetics for a full upload. I'm taking them to the escape pods."

[Extract 1] "Escape pods? 2, if we can get anything out through them we've got to take it. These S.O..."


[Extract 2] "Extract 1, these men surrendered! Under the rules of engagement we cannot summarily execute them as you are basically proposing. Since we cannot detain them and get out of the Cluster safely, the honorable thing..."

[Extract 1] "Put them in the pods if you like, but let's not pretend the Kawashita recognize honor! And find me more droids! We've got precious little time to upload as many of our memories as possible and get them to CLAPPIE."



I don't think you can see them in my SoNE build, but a portion of the walls was used in an older build.

The survey droid was also part of a previous build.

Please judge accordingly 


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