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[MOC] 75160 U-Wing Microfighter to a jet plane

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Hello! I needed 2 pcs. of this white flat tile for one of my technic mods and so I bought Star Wars set 75160 aka U-Wing Microfighter and took them from there. Then I thought what i'm going to do with the rest of the set... I just started to put pieces together and soon it was ready, a jet plane :sweet: I took some pictures of it:






I think it is quite nice b- or c-model as I used only parts from set 75160. Landing gear tires actually spin and you can roll it back and fort :classic: Hope you like it!

PS. If this is wrong place for this post please moderators redirect it. I thought this is right place to this because I don't know where else I should send it.

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On 6.2.2017 at 1:44 AM, VaderFan2187 said:

This looks like a great alternate build! @MacKaiwer. Not too sure if this should belong in the SW subforum though.

Thanks! Redirecting to Town is good choice for this build :thumbup:

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