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Let me present MOC 'Dodo', a plane from GTA series. It is based on Cessna 152 or similar, however, I didn't mean to create an exact copy, and made it more like in a free style of a 42040 size

Features & Functions:

– HOG controlling rudder and front wheel
– Manual control of ailerons, elevators and flaps
– Opening doors
– Rolling propeller and wheels.


Unfortunately, I could not archieve the right weight balance, so I had to place the model on a stand. Despite its technical imperfection, I'm still satisfied with the design.


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You can get a LEGO plane to look right, or you can get it to balance on its wheels. Both at the same time is very tricky. This is because in a real plane (particularly the single-engined ones like this one) the engine is vastly denser than the rest of the plane, so pulls the centre of gravity forward.

Great job!


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Thanks everyone!

2 hours ago, jono rocky said:

This is a cool little plane. would you do an lxf file or instructions as my middle son would love to build it?

I got to see if I have time.

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