Île de rubis

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Île de rubis! Also known as ruby island! An island 10 miles off shore from England. While trying to capture and in prison the notorious Captain Redbeard a few weeks back they found a map in his coat pocket that had an island that no one ever heard of. Ruby Island, the French set sail into British waters to find and claim the island as their own. When they landed on the shore or this mysterious island their eyes were glittering more than the queens diamonds! Ruby's everywhere! Lieutenant John Oswald was sent off to the island to build and refuge on this mysterious island. Governor Broadside knew for this mission he had to send out his best Lieutenant and that is why he sent out John Oswald.

 32367401666_66053b38f7_k.jpg20170118_191925 by jameswestman, on Flickr

32367400196_49c5780a80_k.jpg20170118_191956 by jameswestman, on Flickr

I wanted to build a small channel type of look with the island here. So I made a little island to make it look like there is a channel approaching the island. With this section here I pretty much just wanted to fill the plate up while making it look really good. 

32367399696_d23fd8fdd6_k.jpg20170118_192033 by jameswestman, on Flickr

Here is a good viewing area of the entire mining area. Note with this entire MOC this part is just a small section of the actual island itself :pir-wink:

31564306904_27ade01ef3_k.jpg20170118_192128 by jameswestman, on Flickr

On top of Lieutenant John Oswald's house I have a very extravagant fort/lookout post for guards to watch out for pirates and/or the British. There are plenty of weapons on the weapon racks along with two swivel guns on each of the front corners, and with more cannon balls stacked up on the right side.

31564305094_b0f2f8ab16_k.jpg20170118_192235 by jameswestman, on Flickr

Sadly I didn't have enough tile pieces to make up a nice floor so for the time being he lives on grass :pir-laugh:. The inside I didn't make to crowded on purpose so there would be plenty of room to display minifigures within the house. As you can see there is a stone stove in the corner cooking some more chicken for his family that is currently taking a stroll through the forest. The table consist of three chairs and three gold challis's. On the far stone wall you can kinda see his trophy's. On display he has a diamond trophy for the time when he recaptured Fort Eldorado from the evil British Empire. Then he has the first ruby that was found on the island displayed as well. Next to his dinning room he has a globe of the world proudly displayed mainly for his venturous brother known as James Oswald (Captain of the Imperial Flagship). The far back corner he has a bottle of rum in a ice bucket for a special time. Then the last corner is his work space. He has the map that he found off of Captain Redbeard along with a bottle of ink and quill (you can see this by going to my flicker page :pir-wink:) and a torch to provide light when he needs to work late hours.

31564301134_fe7d950c64_k.jpg20170118_192356 by jameswestman, on Flickr

Then a side build that I wanted to make was a stone plated cart that carries the ruby's from there to the ship to take back to France. I used illegal building techniques for the side fences. He is also carrying some extra tools in case if anyone needs them.

If you want to see the complete selection of pictures go to my Flicker page, I didn't want to post too many pictures. This is just the beginning of Ruby Island, I want to finish off the island with more beach and maybe even local natives that are getting upset at the French for taking their precious jewels. I hope you enjoyed the tad bit of history behind the island and how the French found it. Thank you for spending time reading and looking at my MOC. Have a good day and comments or questions are always appreciated! I will reply to all questions. :pir-classic:

Fun Facts:

1. In this section alone there is 126 trans red studs (ruby's)

2. 7 minifigures

3. 4 animals

4. 2 vehicles  

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14 hours ago, Mengish said:

Yes, I agree. A Good MOC which only needs some light when photographed ;-) 

Thank you and thanks blackdeathgr as well. Yeah sadly my light is not good at the time being. In my photo area my daylight bulb burned out so I am currently only using a normal yellowish tint bulb. Thank you for the compliments though! :pir-classic:

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