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Steampunk UCS scale AT ACT

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Might throw in a few comments on the build if anyone is interested. In particular the legs as these are pretty much the most important structural element of the build. If they're done wrong you can say goodbye to the rest. I made some errors with my calculations at the start (leg angles and distance between the feet) and as a consequence the legs were under some pretty terrible stress. Seeing this I blamed the lego and went back and redesigned the legs. I treated them as 2 by 6 columns and used plates and bricks with vertical axle and pin holes to allow axles to be threaded all the way along their length as much as possible. So round plates, round bricks, technic plates, 2 by 2 bricks with pins and old school brackets are very handy. Then I realised my calculation errors and fixed them so the angles and spacing were right. As a result I have a very sturdy structures. I had kids hanging off the tressle table and swinging their legs and this baby just stood there and ignored the little monsters. It's heavy. 

The way I have attached the legs to the body is also quite handy. The leg is one piece and L shaped. It has two long pins extending at right angles horizontally into body at both ends (the solid brick part of the leg) but one pin is offset up by one brick (height) on the leg at the end of the L. The corresponding pin hole on the body is offset down by a one brick (height). The reverse is done on the other side. This creates two triangles with the same hypotnuse... kinda like this Then I used the angles to figure out how far apart the feet needed to be and they were attached to a base plate. I fiddled with the leg height to get the closest whole stud (actually half stud - double it to get the distance between the front feet). Solid.

Anyways more pictures here: 

WIP Steampunk ATAT


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Wow I love that At-Act! Looks great and super original. All the cannons are awesome! Top notch :thumbup:

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