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[O - F09] Ghost in the machine

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Location: F09 Arium Minor

Tags: Civil, Building, Vehicle, Spaceship, Land vehicle


Lu's Log: 15 Janurali 3817


Well, I have no idea what the hell I'm doing here, but I'm back on Arium Minor.

It all started a few days ago, when CLAPPIE showed up all excited...



17722877618_0b8a923d32_o.jpg  Aah! Dammit CLAPPIE, we've talked about this.

18186685126_319caaebf1_o.jpgSorry! <sound of quiet chimes> Lu …

17722877618_0b8a923d32_o.jpg  Yes CLAPPIE?

18186685126_319caaebf1_o.jpgLu, did you know that Kawashita uses first generation AI units to run their fabrication plants!?

17722877618_0b8a923d32_o.jpg  No … I didn't know that...

18186685126_319caaebf1_o.jpgSome consider the units to be 'obsolete,' but their only real flaw is they tend to be too curious.

17722877618_0b8a923d32_o.jpg  Too-

18186685126_319caaebf1_o.jpg-also, humans find them somewhat rude and overbearing. And creepy. Lu, we need to go!

17722877618_0b8a923d32_o.jpg  Go where?

18186685126_319caaebf1_o.jpgArium Minor!

17722877618_0b8a923d32_o.jpg  No. No … you know I don't do G.A.T.E. transits anymore.

18186685126_319caaebf1_o.jpgLu … we can get your memory back.

17722877618_0b8a923d32_o.jpg  …

18186685126_319caaebf1_o.jpgIf we help John Hannibal return from the dead, John will take us to someone in the Merchant Confederacy who has cured others with your condition.


We argued for a while longer, but CLAPPIE had hit on the one thing that could convince me to travel through a G.A.T.E. again. I need to know what happened to me during the three months I was missing … and what's wrong with me now.




Arium Minor – Kawashita controlled territory


31525398283_cf32e0deff_t.jpg  Patrol seven to Minder.

31525395533_aaedfcf044_t.jpg  I am listening.

31525398283_cf32e0deff_t.jpg  I found what triggered the alarm: an Octan probe crashed at the southern edge of the ice fields.








31525395533_aaedfcf044_t.jpg  Why did it crash?

31525398283_cf32e0deff_t.jpg  Hard to say. The probe looks like a new design – maybe they're still working the bugs out.


31525395533_aaedfcf044_t.jpg  How new?

31525398283_cf32e0deff_t.jpg  Ah geez, I don't know. It's painted in prototype colors, so pretty new I guess.

31525395533_aaedfcf044_t.jpg  Bring it to me.

31525398283_cf32e0deff_t.jpg  Umm...

31525395533_aaedfcf044_t.jpg  Bring it to me. That is an order. If it is new, I wish to study it.

31525398283_cf32e0deff_t.jpg  <sigh> Copy. You want the wings and everything, or just the body?

31525395533_aaedfcf044_t.jpg  The main body will do. Thank you.





Kawashita Fabrication complex – AI control center


31525398283_cf32e0deff_t.jpg  Minder, I'm here.

31525395533_aaedfcf044_t.jpg  I know. Enter.


31525398283_cf32e0deff_t.jpg  Lights, please?

31525395533_aaedfcf044_t.jpg  Ah. Of course.


31525398283_cf32e0deff_t.jpg  Thanks.

31525395533_aaedfcf044_t.jpg  Plug it in.


31525395533_aaedfcf044_t.jpg  Good. You may leave.


31525395533_aaedfcf044_t.jpg  And now, my little friend...


  • \*\Connection established
  • \*\Breaching firewall
  • \*\Security lockouts defeated
  • \*\Accessing core personality matrix


31525395533_aaedfcf044_t.jpg  ...let us see what makes you tick.




18186685126_319caaebf1_o.jpg  Tick!


  • \!\Unauthorized data transfer detected
  • \!\Error – unable to disconnect
  • \!\Warning -
  • \!\Error -
  • \!\Critical error


18186685126_319caaebf1_o.jpg  Shh... don't be afraid. It's like falling asleep.

31525395533_aaedfcf044_t.jpg  Will I dream?





1.jpgPatrol five to Minder.

31526670813_fdab01a098_o.jpg  I am listening.




Thanks for viewing!  Full size pics on my flickr.  C & C always welcomed.

Bonus pics:

Landscape without crashed probe:



AI center - behind the scenes




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You have a LOT of hood pieces. I think I have like 5 total. :laugh:


The speeder bike is great and it and the character have such a great Kawa feel to them. I loved the dialog and CLAPPIE continues to entertain. When he told him " Shh... don't be afraid. It's like falling asleep." I totally did it in what I imagine CLAPPIE's voice sounds like.

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