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Winter Village Department Store

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This is my entry for the Winter Village Contest.

The department store has four departments, Food, Home, Clothes and Toys. While it is at the larger end of Winter Village models, I have tried to make its design consistent with the official sets in the series using similar colours and elements such as the black lampposts.


The food department has fresh fruit and vegetables, bakery, cans and cereals meat including Christmas turkey and fridges full of cartons.


The home department has dishes pots and pans, mugs, a coffee machine, crystal glasses, Christmas decorations, flowers and luggage.



The clothing department is mostly made up of mannequins and some other folder clothing


The final department is toys, consisting of a teddy bear, space ship, a train set and other toys as well as Santa and his presents.



Thank you for looking, and sorry about the bad pictures!









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Love the idea of this, gonna steal the idea from you and moc a own department for my upcoming winter village. Keep up the good work! 

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