[MOC] Millennium Falcon leaving Mos Eisley

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Hi guys, just a quick update but a micro build I am very pleased with! I have wanted to build a micro Falcon for sometime now and this actually took a bit longer than I had hoped but I am really happy with the end result. 

31946855832_bb080162aa_c.jpgUntitled by dimitrinicomanis, on Flickr

Its only 4x4 but I have managed to get in all the details that make the Falcon the iconic ship it is. 

32056413346_51a10069fe_c.jpgUntitled by dimitrinicomanis, on Flickr

The base wasn't part of my original idea but I had the Falcon on a tan plate just as a random support and suddenly thought it would look quite cool if there was a micro Mos Eisley below. 

31977445331_ff361acaaa_c.jpgUntitled by dimitrinicomanis, on Flickr

The colour of the Falcon is white because as a kid to me it was always white, the toys might have got the colours wrong but they just stuck with me! 


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There was a big debate that the Falcon actually is white and not gray...that it is old and dirty looking.

Good work on the micro build. :)

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I think the gray/white puzzle is good to talk about. Many SW ships and vehicles are slightly different shades of a light gray. For example a slightly more bluish tint to the LBG colour would be perfect for a TIE fighter, but sand blue is too strong. X-wings are somewhere between white and LBG, but the worn finish makes it difficult to approximate it with lego colours. With the Falcon I think it's a similar problem: White is probably closer to the light gray that a model kit should be finished in, but making these dirty, aged and scrapped together looking ships in the clean white lego colour kind of betrays the intended aesthetic for me.


I think it would be extremely useful for Lego to expand the  library of available pieces of the "very light bluish gray" colour, which I only have two 1x1 plates of (I got them to sample the colour - it would be absolutely perfect  for an x-wing or falcon) and is pretty limited. LBG and DBG is a super common colour now with black, white, blue etc. now and considering the variety of colours that exist like all of the shades of blue, purple,pink etc it would be really worthwhile in my opinion. Sadly I think Lego has no intention of expanding the colour palette or producing the essential pieces that don't exist in colours which aren't common like the "very light bluish gray" .

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