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Winter Village: Big Tool Hardware Shop

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Get ready for winter with the Winter Village Hardware Store


Winter Village Hardware shop features 6 Minifigures, 3 Store workers, 2 male and 1 female shopper.

Includes 1 vehicle, Vintage Dropside Steam Truck inspired by a 1930s Sentinel S4 Steam Waggon.


Looks pretty plain doesn't it, Wait until you get inside.


Looks like the delivery driver is off to deliver some gas canisters so the townsfolk can keep warm. I see a female customer looking to purchase a fine looking Christmas tree.


Where to begin with the Fully enclosed interior, Features a wide range of tools and a (brick built)? Clothes rail where you can purchase workwear. Including a full range of 5 different fire extinguishers.


And a topdown view showing the floorplan of the Building and the truckbed, I think that is everything, Thanks for looking :)

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