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Many many years ago I enjoyed playing World of Warcraft for year or two.
For some reason, every christmas, I get into my holiday spirit by thinking back on the cosy joy it was to wander around in WOW exploring and just enjoying the landscape.

I so recall the first time I arrived at Ironforge, and that´s the reason it had to be part of my Cube layout project.
I hope you like it.

Grinding materials for leather skills:


A place in WOW I used a lot of time, was at what I recall as a bay, where turtles were all over the place. They dropped a lot of usefull materials for either getting better at leatherworking skills, or could easily be sold at the auction house at Ironforge.





This baylike area, led to several dungeons that were handy for getting experience points, and advance in the game. I sooo loved this area, and I can still get all relaxed thinking back on it.
Running around, enjoying the music, just relaxing and not having to rush anything.



Dungeon leading to Ironforge:






Arriving at Ironforge:


Ironforge is build into a huge mountain, surrounded by snow and forest. This were an ideal place to run around during christmas when no snow were outside.




First sight:


At Ironforge one would expect nothing less than drunk guards and huge statues. 


3 more cubes for my Cube layout project:


So, three more cubes have been added for the project, well actually its five, as two more cubes have been "landscaped" to make an "endcap" for the build.




So, finally have an endcap ready. Now I can progress on all edges of the build, finally getting one full loop of tracks for the train to roll on.
This is how it looks by now. Another great thing, is that Im finally ready to begin building on "top" of the whole of this area.The Doctor who and the "turtle bay".


View of the Diablo cube next to Ironforge:


I was really worried as how the Diablo cube would look next to the Ironforge cube. Turned out great !
Two studs width with some overhang made the transition work quite well.
Now, the backside of Ironforge has not been finished yet. This build turned out soooo tricky, as I need a sort of three way effect, using the Diablo cube and this for sort of a camoflage to make the train run through.
So as you might have noticed their is quite a few places where the rockwork ain´t top notch yet.

But that´s yet another great thing about this project. I can fly between themes, building what I feel like, whenever I want to.
Honestly though, I need a break from rockwork right now, this has teared me apart. Everytime I moved something a bit, the whole build moved in random directions, and it took Me forever to figure out, how to make it look "big" considering Its placed on a 34x34 stud base. But for now Im happy with how it turned out.


On the backside of Ironforge im gonna build Stormwind, another great city of World Of Warcraft, using the backside of Ironforge as sort of a forced perspectiv, making up micro build skyes and towers ( I think, have only made a test build).
But that´s the plan for now.

On top of the diablo cube, Im planning a boss fight. I mean, what is Diablo without a boss fight. And I have a special one in mind !


Installments planned:

Doctor Who - Gas and Snacks - T.A.R.D.I.S - ( Can be found here ).

Doctor Who - Gas and Snacks - T.A.R.D.I.S - Small continuation - ( Planning )

Doctor Who - T.A.R.D.I.S train ( offcourse :P ) - ( Planning )

Fabuland - Fabuland settlement ( Building )

Matrix reloaded ( building )

Matrix revolutions ( planning - somewhat testing build )

Diablo - Part one - A shortcut to the black templars treasure - ( Can be found here )

World Of Warcraft - Arriving at Ironforge ( This one )

World Of Warcraft ( a collaboration of Diablo, Baldurs gate, World of warcraft ) - ( building )

War against the Cthoor.

Call of Cthulhu. 

The LEGO movie.


Please do leave comments and questions. And I hope you enjoyed the build. :classic:




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Astounding...............really astounding!!.............that`s all I have to say!

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On 12/1/2017 at 9:41 AM, r5-j2 said:

Astounding...............really astounding!!.............that`s all I have to say!

Thanks a lot man. :classic:
I really appreciate feedback. That´s what makes me want to spend the time to post here anyway.


Freed the Dwarf statue:


So i released the dwarf statue from the Ironforge castle.

At some point during the build I for some reason moved the outer wall a few studs longer in towards the statue, than what was first intended.
Now, it wasn´t as visible from the outer gate as it was first intended.

Guard on high alert ! ( Considering it´s a dwarf that is :tongue: ).




Now it gets messy.
All cubes are easy to take apart from each other:




First layout IRL, away from paper:


I finally had a chance to put everything together, to get an idea of what huge amount of work is still ahead. Awesome ! 

 So this is the first time I´ve taken the whole of the project and made a layout to figure out the exact dimensions. 

And what a freaking mess !!

What´s not shown here is some 5 cubes that im working on.
The one in front I have somewhat shown as a teaser a few times, left it there this time and will let you know that´s the Matrix Cube for the project. Next installment !

 Oh, and dont mind the baseplates on top, they were merely put there in order to keep the tracks somewhat elevated at the same level, as all the cubes yet not build on, are different levels in height.
Still so much work to be done here.
But that´s a good thing.

Im thinking of adding yet another 4 cubes on the right endcap. But wish I wouldnt have to. Mostly due to the space where I will build a table to display it, but offcourse also due to the insane amount of bricks a project like this eats up.



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16 hours ago, dmarkng said:

Was never into WoW, but this is really good.

Thank you. :classic:

Yeah world of warcraft was basically a waste of time imo. Sooo repetitive, but it had some nice moments though.



Time to decide wether you want to follow me all the way down the rabbithole ! ?


Almost done with "The Matrix - part one" installment for my cube layout project.

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