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LEGO Sci-Fi 2017 Pictures and Rumors

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So the Women of Nasa set was finally revealed! While it's very much "real world" space and focuses largely on figs and mini-models, I do get the feeling that the 1x4x3 panel with the Hubble photo (presumably printed) could be great for sci-fi monitors, or even for the view out of a porthole on a spaceship interior vignette...

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There is now a leaked image on Instagram of the Bat-Spacesuit to be seen in 2018's TLBM Bat-Spaceshuttle set, which comes with a Black recolor of the helmet/airtank headgear part from the Atlantis theme and a very nice set of Black legs with some great Dark Bluish Grey armor prints. Both have some good reusage potential for either Blacktron I or II. :classic:



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With Star Wars around, it's unlikely that we'll get an in-house Space theme anytime soon. 

It seems LEGO will use wave 3 of Nexo Knights as a replacement of a space theme, because there is literally nothing castle in this set


7 hours ago, Dr.Cogg said:

When I post those pictures of the concept art from earlier post, I was referencing the similarities between the waves and the concept art, and I think what Feng-Huang0296 saw was Axel's new vehicle.


bigger picture


( @Bob De Quatre this is acutally a 2018 set. Maybe we could have "LEGO Sci-Fi 2018 Pictures and Rumors" thread? :classic:)

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