U.K 15+ Sets for Trade of Sale

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Multiple Lego Sets for Trade or Sale, won't be writing down prices for any but am open to any sensible offers. All used sets come complete with manual and box :) 

Nexo Knights-

- Infernox Captures the Queen *NEW*

- Ultimate Aaron *NEW*

- Ultimate General Magmar *NEW*

- Ultimate Beast Master *NEW*

- Ultimate Robin *NEW*

- Jestro's Volcano Lair *USED*

- Axls Tower Carrier *USED*

- General Magmars Siege Machine *USED*

- Jestros Evil Mobile *USED*

- Aaron's Aero Striker *USED*

- The Black Knight Mech *USED*

- Glob Lobber *USED*

- Knighton Battle Blaster *USED*

- Chaos Catapult *USED*

- Ultimate Clay *USED*

- Ultimate Lance *USED*

- Ultimate Lavaria *USED*

- Ultimate Axl *USED*

- Ultimate Aaron *USED*

- Ultimate Macy *USED*

- Ruinas Lock and Roller *USED*

-Lances Twin Jouster *USED*

-Lances Battle Suit *USED*


Mini Cooper *USED*

LOOKING FOR TRADE FOR; (Willing to trade for new items or used with manual and box)

- First Order Battle Pack

- Resistance Battle Pack

- Carbon Freezing Chamber

- Droid Escape Pod

- Kanans Speeder

- Star Scavenger

- Eclipse Fighter

- Rebel Combat Frigate

- Clone Turbo Tank

- Resistance X Wing

- Any 2017 Star Wars Sets

- Any other Star Wars Sets (Message me so I can check if I have it already)

Please get in touch, as wanting a quick sale or trade, for use of verification, anyone who wants it can be linked to my eBay and PayPal account where I have lots of positive feedback.

Happy Viewing and Happy New Year; Peasantseverywhere :)

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