Review: 60134 Fun in the park - City People Pack

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Hi lets review the set of 60134

This is the front of the box, a set with 157 pcs. 


The back of the box. An opened box.


So many minifigures in one box! 

As below of this is the first bag.

You got the father with the baby stroller (very nice build with a new piece), the mother holding the bottle, a kid with her dog, and the lady with her lawn mower.


Second bag 

You get a painter girl, a boy with Benny's shirt, a little girl and Grandpa and grandma.


Third bag.

Now this is the interesting part. 

HOTDOG stand! With a bread! Finally LEGO had decided to put a bread to it. 

Red Bicycle. Merry go round. A bus stop.

And the very first LEGO wheel chair. 


The 14 minifigures and the baby! And they are interchangeable. I'm a little bit OCD, so..


The main characters of this set.


Mummy's meeting.


The cook!




and the senior citizens.



Thank you for reading this quick review.

Enjoy the photos and Happy New Year 2017.

I'm from Malaysia, below this is the link to LOM (LUG of Malaysia). Enjoy!


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The Dad with the baby stroller looks like George Lucas...

I'm wondering, where is the new piece on the baby stroller? The space seat (that big black part) has been there before...

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